PizzArt by Anchor – bringing a new breed of pizzas to Kuching

After dropping their creations on the unsuspecting pizza lovers of Sibu, Pizzart moved on to wow us in Kuching at Osome Pizza. You’ll be able to taste their creations at partner stores til May 2018.

If you’re a pizza and burger lover, you really shouldn’t miss out on their meaty goodness: PizzBurger (RM18.99). The pizzaiolo in Kuching crafts his version with chicken for a healthier alternative and layers it with ham, making it a 20 minute affair. I would suggest ordering a starter to go with it because it is well worth the wait. Stuffed with Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese, it is baked to perfection with Anchor Butter.

The UltiMeat (RM18.99) also uses chicken breast – in the construction of its pizza base and oven baked (in this case, wood fired) with a mix of Anchor cheese. Finally, topped with fresh greens and a special sauce.

After a brief introduction, highlighting the success of the previous PizzArt campaign and it’s conception, the team explained that the UltiMeat pizza is inspired by Chicago’s Deep Cheese Pizza, which, is more of an open faced pie. Aside from tasting the artisanal pizzas from PizzArt, we would also get a chance to try Osome’s signature dishes.

Chef Gilbert, owner of the pizzeria, gave the team and I a taste of their 4 Elements (RM25.90) and Molto Carne (RM28.50 – and that’s Italian for ‘plenty of meat’) There is a distinct crunch to the crust which would be hard to replicate in other ovens, and for that, the chef highly recommends that customers tuck in at the store and discourages takeaway.


PizzArt by Anchor – reinventing a worldwide favorite in Sibu

Pizza is a simple delight that many enjoy. There’s just something about its combination that makes it so well received. Cheese definitely plays a big part in making it so appealing; melt it and it’s irresistible.

Anchor Food Professionals wanted to give Malaysians a taste of home with every bite, so they partnered up with select stores to make artisan pizzas available nationwide. I was invited to Bistecca & Bistro in Sibu for their PizzArt campaign. As the flights I wanted were sold out, I couldn’t make it. But I sent a rep who came back saying nice things.

The pizzArt menu includes finger food like Pizza Rolls (RM16.80) which would go so well with a few beers. The Cheese Pretzza (RM8.90) is rather large though, so you might want to share it unless you’re huge fan of bread and baked cheese. Then, something that’s only available in West Malaysia: Ultimeat (RM18.99), featuring a base made solely from mince breast meat and deep fried for that crispy perfection.

Every eatery has their own signature dish, and this bistro is no different. Also using Anchor products, Anvil Nen (the chef) introduced their breadsticks with a mozzarella dip.

Fun fact: Fonterra is the mother company of Anchor, and while you might think you’ve never heard of them, they are a part of every Malaysian household: Fernleaf, Anchor, Anlene, Anmum, Chesdale and the list continues. Hailing from New Zealand, their aim is to bring quality lactose goodness to everyone.

The event ended with a food eating competition and I can’t get over the winner’s shirt! He either has a great sense of humor or coincidence decided to have a little fun. I can’t wait to try the dishes for myself and I don’t have to wait long… Next up, Osome Pizza in Kuching.