i like lower cases because it’s beautiful in its equality
i hate punctuation because they make words stutter and break
it makes thoughts scream stop in the midst of harmony
and even though it’s my blog I’ll do it for your sake. 

My name’s Veronica and I like dangly alphabets so I added a y and swapped out the c for a q. I’ve been blogging since around the time I discovered the internet. It was a world of Neopets, Avidgamers and Diaryland for me. Then the boom of bloggers swooping in to claim some fame. It became a business. It made careers. And I thought hey, why not?

Before my unceremonious entry into society, I lived in Melbourne for a year and a half. I came home after getting my degree in Media and Communications. Home is Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. A beautiful city filled with hidden treasures.

I lent my voice to a radio station for about three years before we went off in opposite directions.

Then I found myself working in the jungle for a couple of months, helping out with Project Orangutan and meeting beautiful volunteers from all around the world.

Today, I write for TripCanvas and feed myself through a lens. I capture memories and I preserve them through a reel or a photobook. Oh, and I host events too so if you’ve got a party you’d like me to attend, just drop me a text.