10 Viral TikTok products you can get on Shopee

TikTok is home to fake news and stupid shit but it’s also where trends and products go viral! There are a lot of things that you can only find on Amazon, but here are some things that you can find on Shopee.

The Ordinary Peeling Mask

Who doesn’t know about this? The Ordinary blew up thanks to TikTok and their leading star is this blood-like mask that will rejuvenate your skin – just make sure you follow the instructions and never use for more than 10 minutes per application.

Cleaning Goo

A slime that cleans. You can use it to clean hard to reach areas such as aircond vents and cup holders in your car, your keyboard, and remotes.

Revlon One Step Hairbrush

Isn’t it the dream to be able to style and dry your hair with just a brush? Where there are tons of hot air brushes on the market, Revlon One Step Hairbrush is said to give you a salon finish every time.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

There isn’t a girl on this green earth that doesn’t want long luscious lashes and this TikTok find is one for the ages. It works on all types of lashes. Even on pin-straight Chinese lashes and will give you definition without clumping. Win!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow

I’m not sure how I feel about this because I spent my entire teenage years trying to get my oily skin under control but this seems to highlight your skin’s sheen which kinda looks like your skin is oily AF, but apparently it does a great job at moisturizing and is an antioxidant booster.

TLM Magic Foundation

Forget about finding the perfect foundation shade when TLM has your back. While it appears white at first, the magic imbued in this foundation will fit perfectly to your skin tone.

The Pink Stuff

A cleaning agent that will take anything clean off – even permanent marker off your white, white walls. With twin boys who has just discovered the joy of drawing on furniture, I NEED THIS.

Immersion Blender

If, like me, you never knew something like this existed, trust me when I say that you’re about to get your mind blown. It makes blending so much easier because you can swirl it around, instead of shaking the blender like it owes you money. This is amazing for pureeing baby food and creamy soups.

Charlotte Tilbury Blush Wand

Blushers are tricky, apply too much and you’ll look sunburnt, too little and it doesn’t give you the desired effect. This blush wand made its rounds for being both pretty and giving the wearer the perfect application, every time.

Reversible Octopus

How can I end this list without the infamous reversible octopus plushie? Flip it to represent your current mood, a great way to hint how you’re feeling because we’re passive aggressive Asians that don’t know how to communicate efficiently.

Have you tried any viral TikTok products?

I have The Ordinary Peeling Mask and one thing that nobody mentions is how much it stings! I have to brace myself before every application because I know that it’s going to hurt like I just spread acid on my face for a good five seconds before it calms down. I’m pretty stoked with the results though and I’ll share a review soon.

To get a shoutout in my next Youtube video, share any TikTok makeup trends you want me to try out in the comments below!

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