20 Shopee things under RM20 that you need in your life

There are certain things in life that makes life easier for yourself and other things that are just downright genius. Here are 20 things I found on Shopee that will actually add value to your life.

Nothing is more annoying than your earphones coming loose while you’re jogging. You can also use the Bluetooth Headband to listen to whatever you want when you go to bed. No more struggling to find a comfortable position with earphones jammed into your ears.

As seen on Tiktok, this Portable Lock will keep you safe for less than RM10. Hook it onto the strike plate and you can sleep more soundly at night. Best for keeping pesky landowners out 😂

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I don’t know about you, but I never got the hang of brushing my tongue so this Tongue Scraper is a lifesaver. White tongues = smelly breath and there’s no bigger turn-off than gagging on someone’s breath.

Soap Bags are great for saving all those tiny slivers of soap that often melts into the soap holder (yuck!) but make sure you hang it up after every use because you need to keep it dry. If you leave it to soak in a puddle of bathwater, your entire soap will turn to mush.

Not only does chopping garlic leave a pungent smell on your fingers, it’s also time consuming… But not anymore, with this Mini Mincer! Strip your garlic or ginger down and chop it up in seconds.

Get your eggs perfect every time with this Egg Steamer! Whether you like solid hard boiled eggs or the elusive in-between (think ramen eggs), you’ll never be disappointed again.

Two things I love: rechargeable + multifunctional. This Portable Light has motion detection built in or you can turn it on and use it as a small reading lamp in the bedroom or when you go camping!

Shoe racks don’t keep your shoes free from dust, that’s why Stackable Shoe Boxes are so popular! You can rearrange your shoe collection easily and you can replace any worn out boxes or get more for your new shoes for only RM2.30.

Soap Dispensers are a must have for every kitchen to keep both your detergent and sponge clean! What a lot of people do is fill a dish with soapy water but that makes your detergent icky real quick. Plus, this allows your sponge to fully air-dry.

If you wear glasses on a daily basis or if you love wearing sunglasses, you’ll definitely need these Anti-Slip Retainers to keep them from slipping down your face and ruining your whole look.

I once saw a groomer twist a retractable faucet around a dog she was bathing and I thought bro, we need that in the kitchen and viola! I found the 360 Faucet Filter, a cheap alternative that’s only RM2.50. Doesn’t matter that it’s made of plastic. It works! And somehow also boosts the water pressure while also helping you save water (unfounded claims but it’s the 360 swivel that matters anyway)

Another nifty gadget that claims to increase water pressure – this time by 200% and just check out that video. Full steam ahead! But the main point of this Water Softening Showerhead is so that you can have purified soft water for cleaner and healthier skin.

The Swedish Dishcloth is my best kept secret, not because I want to keep it a secret, but because I didn’t know nobody else knew about them! Move aside, Norwex, because at RM2.40 a pack, these babies are taking over the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and pretty much anywhere in the house. What’s good about them? Highly absorbent, cleans easily, and dust-repelling (dip it in water and all the gunk just magically falls away)

No more fumbling for a wet cloth when trying to take something hot off the stove or out of the microwave. Plus I’ll be these silicone Heat-resistant Gloves are a lot easier to keep clean than dishrags.

It’s the 21st century. We are overloaded with cables. These Magnetic Cable Ties will keep them in place and make your life look more ~organized~ and colorful!

Honestly, there’s no such thing as too many cable organizers. Keep your cables neat with this soft and bendable Cable Organizer. You can also couple it with the next item to bring your organization to the next level.

Velcro your cables together with a Cable Sleeve so you make one big snake instead of multiple little worms. It’s one way to keep your desk clutter under wraps.

It’s the 21st century. Everyone needs a Bluetooth Selfie Stick that can convert into a tripod because firstly, you no longer have to depend on someone else’s shoddy skills, and secondly, you can prop it up when video-calling instead of holding it up at an unflattering angle.

Exactly what it sounds like. A TV Remote with a full keyboard and a functioning mousepad. I’m so mad I discovered this after I bought an original remote costing upwards of RM100+ when this only costs RM12 (or RM14.50 if you’re going for the rechargeable option)

This list won’t be complete without Magic Eraser. It can vanquish anything from rust to oil. If this melamine sponge can’t remove something, there’s very little chance that anything else can. Honestly the best find ever.

Which of these do you think will not be helpful to you? And is there some cheap and affordable product that makes your life easier? Share in the comments!

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  1. Wow Bluetooth headband? 1st time I hear that. Interesting!
    I just bought the shoe box this week.
    This is a really useful list, thanks ya

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