Don’t Travel unless you can Travel Responsibly

When I was in secondary school, teachers would often reprimand us for littering or allowing dirt and dust to settle in our classroom.

“Would you throw this candy wrapper on the floor at home?”
“Your classroom is your home at school!”

Most of the times it gets shrugged off, because guess what? We’re not at home. And we were kids.

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Cove55 – white like Santorini, chill like Malibu

I celebrated Valentines at a paradise filled with hidden wonders, just 20 odd minutes away from town. Turning off Jalan Sultan Tengah and driving past the gates of Cove55 transported us into a magical world of pristine whites and striking decor.

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off with the faeries by a kuching blogger

My name is Veronica but I like to go by Veyroniqa, especially on the internet. It’s become my brand, my identity. Writing and capturing memories are my favorite pastimes, but I also like to look pretty, eat tasty food and go on adventures. So hi. Welcome to my blog.

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