Set you free.

Every time you fall into a funk, you stop enjoying life and nothing is fun. There’s a weight on your chest and you carry dread around like it’s a ball and chain. It permeates everything you do or don’t. It’s a presence in your life, like a ghost following you around.

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Money can’t buy class but grooming can

Some girls seem to just have that certain something about them. The French call it je ne sais quoi. A magnetic beauty in their soul.

It’s believed to be something unattainable; something you’re either born with or naturally lack. But that is nothing more than a misdirection, a miscommunication, a myth. You can cultivate class and charisma.

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Disappear into an island at the heart of Kuching – UCSI Hotel

Watching pink hues chase fire across the sky while floating in an infinity pool, that’s how every weekend getaway should start.

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