Blackheads begone with – A’Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

I knew I had to get my hands on this blackhead eraser the moment I found out about it. I was very excited to review it because I have horribly blackhead/sebum prone skin – and this was going to be the answer to my prayers!

It comes in the form of a fat stick, which looks like pretty smart packaging… Until you realize that it can’t get to those hard to reach areas like the bridge of your nose.

The smell is mild and neither pleasant nor unpleasant. One thing is for sure: there is no added fragrance, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin if it is sensitive.

As you can see, my skin is rather porous and prone to redness and sebum, so I’m always apprehensive when using abrasive products because it often leaves my skin redder than usual.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that it is quite gentle on the skin. While I did not see a vast difference immediately after using it, I could feel that my skin was a lot cleaner without feeling tight and dry (another warning sign that the product you are using it not suitable for you).

It’s very easy to travel with because it’s just a stick and I would totally recommend fellow travelers to pick one up just for their travels because I used it daily for 10 days during a recent trip and my skin kept getting better! I got comments saying that my skin condition has improved and I can see that my nose is not as icky as it used to be.

You can get authentic Korean products at affordable prices from Malaysian-run Althea! They provide a 200% money back guarantee on all their products, so you can shop with confidence and it’s always a bonus to #supportlocal!

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