Another mall has opened in Kuching – AEON

I have been waiting with anticipation and at the same time, dreading for the day that the latest addition to Kuching city opens its doors.

On one hand, it is super near where I stay, so instead of driving 20 minutes to my favorite mall, I could just walk to AEON.

However, it is built on the road I use the most and I do not look forward to fighting with the traffic.

It was going to be annoying that I’d have to find another road home just to avoid the jam.

And I knew, it was just a matter of time until I found myself caught in what I dreaded the most.

While on autopilot, I drove down my regular route only to curse myself silly upon seeing the congestion up ahead. But, to their credit, it did not take me long to navigate my way free of it.

I guess it wasn’t going to be that bad, after all.

When people ask me what I miss the most about Melbourne, I would tell them the supermarkets.

While it’s not Coles, AEON’s the closest thing to it. I mean, freshly baked goods, steaks from Australia, prepackaged onigiri, a salad bar… And all of it at the fraction of the price.

The next time someone asks me what I miss, I’m totally saying the weather. Maybe one day we’ll wake up to nice crisp air with breezes that aren’t warm.

Anyway, it’s got my favorite cinema and the gym I go to, plus two bookstores. So I’d say I’m willing to live with the jam. But in the meantime, I’m just gonna walk there.

If you’re staying too far to walk, they have the perfect solution:

You’ll get RM5 off for 2 rides, so it’s good for a return trip. But it’s only valid till the 13th of May and they only drop off/pick up at Entrance 3.

Another option is a free shuttle bus from town. It runs from 10:20AM to 10PM. You can check out their routes here. Bless them, they’ve thought of everything.

If you’re going to be a regular at the mall, I totally recommend signing up for their member card because you’ll get the first two hours of parking for free! On top of all the perks of earning points and stuff, I think it’s a pretty good deal. They are currently running a promotion on this, so if you sign up for three years, you save RM12.

BRB, gonna try walking there now.

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