AirAsia came through on their debt restructuring!

I may have had a lot of smack to say about AirAsia in the past, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I logged into my AA account to discover two vouchers: one for a flight I never got to board due to closed borders and another was for the AirAsia X Unlimited Pass I bought in 2020.

Many of us who had bought that pass have most likely given up ever getting anything in return. I mean… We took a risk and bought the pass, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Now, I know I’m a few months too late to the party, but as I was going through masses of email, I spotted one that said: AirAsia X travel voucher successfully credited.

This is just a heads up to anyone still reading my blog that if you have purchased any kind of AirAsia Pass previously, you might want to login to AirAsia’s Super App, and check to see whether you have any surprises in the ‘My Vouchers’ tab.

Find your AirAsia refund on their Super App

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