10 picture perfect Kuching Airbnbs for photoshoots

I have been following a few Instagram accounts that often feature photos in a home setting and I was like: how can this be recreated in Kuching? And then it hit me! There are some killer Airbnbs out there which can double up as a studio!

Wedding home/party house set against a monochromatic backdrop which is theCHARCOAL

From its car porch to the kitchen, the whole house has a recurring rustic theme which is ultra photogenic.

You will find driftwood accents all over the house, punctuated with greenery and shot through with liana vines, giving it an exotic feel, unlike any other stay in cat city. Starting at RM518 per night, it is also one of the very few places in Kuching that has a hot tub!

Ceiling to floor windows will give you the best lighting at JUST LIKE HOME SANTUBONG

Modern and chic, set against a backdrop of nature. Those windows will make any photographer light up in joy. Such an airy setting is perfect for a cute couple shoot or a heartwarming baby full moon session with the new parents. It’s set at RM220 per night but the host is currently offering a 20% promo to the first three guests who book now till the 26th of Sept 2019.

A glass house in the shade of a great big tree is UNIQUE URBAN BUNGALOW TREEHOUSE

Constructed independently by the owner, this hidden gem is definitely something you don’t see every day. According to the owners, it’s popular in the pre-wedding community and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why! With its high rafters and exposed beams, you might forget that you are in Kuching. One little special thing about this stay is that there’s no extra charges for additional pax – so 1 guest or 5, you’ll be capped at RM250 a night!

Eclectic designs from every angle at THE CENTURION

Subliminally luxurious for the classy girl and her sophisticated friends. It’s a great place for a high fashion shoot or a girly get together. When all is snapped and shot, you and your crew can kick back with Netflix and just chill or, you can explore the vicinity and take a dip in the pool or head downstairs to the largest mall in Kuching: Vivacity. All this for only RM239 a night!

A large mansion with direct access to a beach at GOLDEN SANDS VILLA

Not only can this place house a party of 12, each of their 5 bedrooms is carefully furnished. But this slice of heaven doesn’t come cheap, and I hope you’re sitting down because it’s RM1000 for one night. Probably best for a hen’s or a bachelor party, you’ll have ample space to run around and the privacy too – plus you can get everyone to pitch in!

There is something queer about this quaint space called KAI JOO SUITES

It doesn’t particularly scream aesthetic or elegance, but there’s just something about it that draws the eye. Perhaps the interesting coloring of faded mint and the pastel stairwell? Located in the heart of Kuching with many alleyways filled with hidden gems and bursting with culture, it is a unique location for a fun photoshoot for the adventurous. At only RM160 a night, it’s worthy of a staycation and I personally would love to host a photo-shooting session here.

IG-worthy hot spots at this large party house I call THE HEPBURN

The original name is “Kuching City Strategic New Cozy Luxury Home” which honestly didn’t sit too well with me so since they have a feature wall with the iconic actress’ face, why not?

The space has a few rooms with different moods and feel, without moving too far away from the minimalist design. There is wooden decking around the house and you’ll find ample natural lighting from all sides. At only RM300 a night, the place can house up to 16 guests. I’m calling it a steal!

Note: There’s a function room that can accommodate 50 pax, but it costs an additional RM250 to rent the space. Worth considering if you want to host a private party.

Wooden rustic charms on the waterfront known as RIVERBANK COTTAGE

Grab your camera and take a step back into the past for only RM289 per night. I can see a themed photoshoot happening with a cheongsam or a kebaya. Something edgy and retro. A pop of red lips.

Seems like a good place to rent if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary! Featuring four poster beds, rattan furniture and a riverfront view, seems like someplace special which you can’t normally find in the accommodation industry around Kuching (and honestly, this is the one and only I came across)

Another Vivacity condo but this one is kid-friendly called MELODY FAMILY HOMESTAY

There is a truckload of Vivacity stays that are pretty amazing but I managed to cut it down to just two and they each have their own unique selling points.

Where THE CENTURION is all modern designs, MELODY FAMILY HOMESTAY is a cosy home that will make a good studio for children and toddlers. It’s too bad that only the living room was done up. If they had made the entire house kid-friendly, it would be a true winner!

Just imagine a teepee, a ball pit or play room with some motorized cars or other toys for kids to enjoy. Perhaps that would make its RM350 price tag a little less heavy, but for what it’s worth, there’s nothing else like it in Kuching… yet!

Looking for my 10th Airbnb to complete this collection!

If you run a unique Airbnb that I missed out on, use the contact form to get in touch or leave a comment below. For more scenic stays in Kuching, you can check out this list. To get RM120 off any stays listed above, click and sign up!

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