Say goodbye to chronic pain and live an ache-free life with Alpro Physio

The misconception that physical therapy is only for seniors or people who have undergone surgery is fairly common. Physiotherapists help us evaluate and optimize our bodies, so it’s never too early to start seeing a physio in order to ward off aches and pains from developing. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure.

How did Alpro Physio come to be?

The parent company, Alpro Pharmacy, noticed that many of their returning customers relied heavily on pain medication and sought a more sustainable pain management method and thus Alpro Physio was born.

The first Alpro Physio outlet appeared in Seremban in 2017, and they’ve been expanding ever since. Sarawak’s very own Alpro Physio opened its doors in July 2021, but due to recent events with the pandemic, they weren’t able to celebrate their grand opening until the beginning of March.

It was a fun-filled event with activities to win freebies. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to walk away with a free physio session, but I did manage to bag a couple of vouchers.

Who needs to see a physiotherapist?

Anyone suffering from pain, really. It doesn’t even have to be chronic. I remember waking up with a crick in my neck, and the physio fixed it for me in under an hour. I’ve also been to a physio for pain in my joints, namely my wrist and knee, all of which are caused by improper use of my own body.

What is physiotherapy treatment like?

Physio isn’t just about massage and relies heavily on their patient’s determination to improve their posture and strength. At Alpro Physio, you will have the option of dry needling on top of physiotherapy. Spinal traction and is also available at their outlet at Premier 101.

The four key divisions of physiotherapy

There’s more to physiotherapy than just pain management and rehabilitation. Here’s a breakdown of the four types of physiotherapy.

It’s easy to hurt ourselves when we don’t engage the correct muscles, and this injury can manifest as pains and aches in muscles, joints, and nerves. Physiotherapists can help reduce the risk of future injuries as well as speed up the recovery process.

Rehabilitation for tolerance, stamina, and breathing, especially for those who recently recovered from Covid-19, but can also extend to those who have undergone surgery, or an accident.

Focusing on patients with Parkinson’s or those who have just suffered a stroke.

The rampant use of digital nannies like the iPad and Cocomelon has caused a generation to develop poor posture in both adults and children. Kids as young as two years old may be evaluated by a physiotherapist to ensure that they do not need to make any adjustments to their posture or even, walking habits.

Did you know? In-toeing or 内八 can create problems for you in the long run due to uneven weight distribution.

Now, they also deal with women’s health, occupational health, sports injuries, and stroke recovery.

My experience at Alpro Physio

One of the first things my physio said to me was, “You have a really flat bum.”

After she made me do a couple of actions like bending over and sideways, she told me, “I see the problem.”

It’s funny because I’ve always prided myself in having good posture, so I was pretty certain that any pain I was experiencing came from some other problem.

Turns out, my shoulders are slightly out of alignment and my hips slanted towards my left. The contributing factor to my posture was an overworked back. Tense muscles down the back of my spine forgot how relax because I have been abusing them for years.

I’ve been using those muscles wrong for so long that I didn’t know how to stop, so, we’ve been working on stretching and loosening the muscles, and she taught me the right way to pick things up. I’ve always known to lift with my feet, but that didn’t mean I had to keep my back ramrod straight. This is why form is so important when you work out. The wrong form can easily target the wrong muscles and create more problems for you.

The soreness that I felt in my butt and hip completely disappeared after my first session. I think it’s partially because I didn’t let the pain fester for very long before I saw a physio. But the pain didn’t come back because I made sure to follow my physio’s advice.

Remember what I said about a patient’s determination? The desire to improve is a contributing factor to your recovery. If you don’t plan to change your habits, you’ll revert to your old ways and create the same problems. If you don’t do the exercises that your physio assigns you, any improvement you see will never be your best results.

When you’re ready to make a change in your life, book a consultation at your nearest Alpro Physio outlet. Or, if you’re more comfortable at home, they also offer e-consultation services.

Brb, it’s time for my daily stretches.

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