A waterfall waiting on either ends of this trail – Ban Buan Kukuot and Mabi Falls

Almost two hours away from Kuching, there’s a trail in Kampung Sadir leading to two gorgeous waterfalls.

The first one, Mabi Falls, is an easy 15-min walk followed by a moderately steep descent.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids along because the falls can be quite dangerous as it’s a two tiered waterfall and you’ll be sandwiched in between.

Some daredevil kids have been known to fling themselves off the top tier (where the boys are standing). It’s a nice place to chill, have a swim and a picnic, but we were after a nice hike so we set off for Ban Buan Kukout, the tallest waterfall in the vicinity and an hour’s trek.

The trail is relatively straightforward and you shouldn’t need a guide, but after getting lost in Bengoh dam for five hours, we’ve both learnt our lesson and are too traumatized to go anywhere new without one.

When you get to this rest hut, you’re halfway to the falls!

With no large flat areas, it’s not ideal for a BBQ or picnic but the water is super cold and refreshing.

Trying to get that perfect shot for the ‘gram, because if you go somewhere without posting about it, were you even there at all?ย 

Our guide picked us some wild jambu to enjoy by the waterfall – if you’re lucky, you’ll get durian and red starfruits!

If you’re planning to go, pull up Kampung Sadir on Waze and follow the directions, alternatively you can drive to Annah Rais hotsprings and follow the road. You’ll come across a bridge over Sungai Merah, cross it and keep driving.

There’ll be a big green sign indicating you’ve arrived at Kampung Sadir, turn into it (the turning will be on your right).

Drive for a little bit until you come across Lorong 3, say hi to the residents, park your car and maybe buy something from the canteen.

Or you can park opposite ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or getting in touch! If you want to arrange a guided tour, you can contact Backyard Tour, Saloma Villagestay or get in touch with our guide Ambrose at +6019-937-4340 ๐Ÿ™‚

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