Kissable lips with Bubi Bubi Lip by unpa.

My fingers love to roam. Tugging on strands of hair and feeling for edges on blankets and pillows… Sometimes they are destructive and I feel nails against my skin, picking and scratching as though I can rub my skin new and smooth. But the more I do it, the worst it gets. It leaves behind scars and wounds. It’s the worst when my hands find my lips. Chapped from neglect and abused by my fingertips.

The Butterfly Project and Althea Malaysia came to their rescue with Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub.

It is so unlike Bliss Fabulips which everyone raves about. I found it pumped full of silicone and it left a layer of plastic residue over my lips! I would never recommend it to anyone because it did nothing for my poor worn lips.

Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub, on the other hand, delivered their promised results!

On the packaging itself, it says that it is able to remove lipstick and dead skin cells. This means that not only will it strip away keratin, it has the potential to unveil pinker lips. While the latter might take a little more than just a few sessions, I am able to demonstrate its power in removing even the toughest lip stains.

This is Revlon ColorBurst Lip Stain – it is a complete beast and will stay on forever. I’m not even joking.

I can rub the night away, and I’d sooner rub my lips off than the lip stain. If you’re looking for something that would weather sand and sea, you’re looking at it – I’m wearing Sweetheart Valentine (025)

Look at how it just slides off with Bubi Bubi Lip!

Although it smells delicious, it actually tastes like soap. Despite being foamy, it doesn’t dry out my lips further and somehow manages to moisturize them. I’m not able to tell you what sorcery this is but honestly, do not expect miraculous results.

Just imagine how strong and harsh it would have to be in order to reveal virgin lips.

I believe that it is more of an exfoliant that should be used weekly over a few months in order to deliver the desired results. The reason I say so is because even after three scrubs, there’s still minimal keratin left on the inner corners of my mouth.

However, it does leave your lips smoother than before and so lipsticks glide on like a dream!

See it in action onΒ Didadeeee’s Chinese channel! For an English video review, make sure you subscribe to me on Youtube!


  1. I got to know two amazing products in one post…hahaha! One a storm-resistant lip colour and a lip scrub that works wonders! Thanks for the simple and effective show-and-tell Vey!

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