Japanese buffet with fresh sashimi and pretty desserts – Cafe Majestic

I’m horrible at maths, but let me try: Salmon normally go for RM25/160 grams. You can have as much sashimi as you want at this all you can eat restaurant, which, is currently running a 20% promo – that’s RM80 per person. If you’re able to eat more than 512 grams of salmon, you’ll have gotten every cents worth 😉

The promo is only valid every Wed and Fri, from now till Dec 2018. If you’re a fan of high tea or angmoh breakfast, I suggest you check out their other deals.

For a person who doesn’t enjoy raw food, there’s tons of other things to go for, such as chilled or baked mussels, authentic soba, chawanmushi and the desserts table is positively laden with cakes and tarts that would make any other girl’s eyes fill with hearts.

I lost my sweet tooth when I was in high school, but ice cream still makes me happy and they have the most wonderful matcha! The coconut shavings complemented it nicely. The black sesame ice cream was also exceptional with peanut toppings.

There is also a healthy selection of sushi for those who can’t get enough of the delightful seaweed and rice combination.

No Japanese meal is complete without a some tempura!

Aside from that, you can fill up with a variety of dishes off the buffet bar.

It’s a great place to enjoy dinner with loved ones, whether you enjoy sushi or not because it’s one of the few buffets in Kuching that offers quality dishes.

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