The best coverage for sensitive/combination skin

Anyone suffering from sensitive combination or oily skin will understand that foundations will accentuate your sebum; pressed powders will highlight your dry patches; tinted moisturizers (especially those with SPF) will make your skin glow with oil; stick or cream foundations will look cakey…

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Pretty up your smile with strong teeth and healthy gums – Systema

I have always liked Systema because of their 0.02mm bristle technology – it really feels as though you’re cleaning every crevice between your pearly whites. Recently, though, I discovered that there is more to oral care than just brushing.

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A beauty review – Etude House

Etude House has always been synonymous with affordable skin care but they’ve recently upped their game to include mindblowing makeup products and a line specifically for sensitive skin.

There are a lot of people who don’t know they have sensitive skin. Many think that their skin is just dry or oily when in fact it’s reacting to the products – which makes it sensitive! Still not sure? If you skin easily turns red, chances are, it’s sensitive!

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