Lazygirl guide to looking effortlessly chic

Somewhere between a teenager who dressed up for the weekends and an undergrad struggling through uni, I mistook messy hair and too-big tops for effortless when it was just careless.

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Dazzle me with your ivories – Smitten Malaysia

I once read that the first thing you’ll notice when you’re in L.A. is how white everyone’s smiles are. I never forgot it. Every time I watched a Hollywood film, I made sure to check out how bright their pearly whites are. Pair that with the recent boom in teeth whitening gadgets, I just had to get one for myself.

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Kissable lips with Bubi Bubi Lip by unpa.

My fingers love to roam. Tugging on strands of hair and feeling for edges on blankets and pillows… Sometimes they are destructive and I feel nails against my skin, picking and scratching as though I can rub my skin new and smooth. But the more I do it, the worst it gets. It leaves behind scars and wounds. It’s the worst when my hands find my lips. Chapped from neglect and abused by my fingertips.

The Butterfly Project and Althea Malaysia came to their rescue with Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub.

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