Yummy tom yam steamboat in Kuching – Johnny’s Place

A few years ago, if you asked me where’s my favorite steamboat with tom yam, I’d bring you to a place tucked away in Pending (I never bothered to find out the name of the establishment and simply referred to it as “my favorite steamboat” because my friends knew and that was enough) but ever since it closed down, I’ve been on the hunt for somewhere to fill the vacant spot in my tummy.

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Sibu Foodhunt – Deliciously authentic Foochow food and a surprising find!

A little introduction to Zao Cai Fen Gan (糟菜粉干). Made with greens fermented in red wine, paired with thick rice vermicelli. Sounds delicious? It is.

They come in two variations, dry and soup. Soup’s great for someone who’s hungover.

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PizzArt by Anchor – bringing a new breed of pizzas to Kuching

After dropping their creations on the unsuspecting pizza lovers of Sibu, Pizzart moved on to wow us in Kuching at Osome Pizza. You’ll be able to taste their creations at partner stores til May 2018.

If you’re a pizza and burger lover, you really shouldn’t miss out on their meaty goodness: PizzBurger

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