How to create an impressive IG bio link page on WordPress

I’m no coding genius or digital savant, but I do know that not utilizing your own website to build your brand is a mistake.

You have most likely come across content creators using Linktree or Carrd to create a landing page filled with links. In the digital age, an online portfolio of your latest works is something of a given, especially if you’re trying to make a living off your content.

Affiliate marketing has also contributed to this trend because when you’ve partnered up with multiple businesses, which should take precedence on your bio page? That’s where Linktree came in, offering a simple solution by consolidating all of your important links into one mobile-friendly page.

But why give a third-party site control of your traffic and offering them free marketing?

Hosting your landing page on your own site gives you more control over the design and it puts the spotlight on your brand. By having Linktree in your URL, you’re sharing the spotlight.

So, ready to take control of your online identity?

A step-by-step guide to building a custom landing page on WordPress

1) Install SeedProd, a free WordPress plugin. Once it’s installed, navigate to this page and click Add New Landing Page.

2) Choose Blank Template or you can choose whichever appeals to you and modify it to suit your needs.

3) Key in the Page URL that you want to have, don’t worry about the Page Name.

4) You can choose whichever layout, but I’m going to go with Blank. You’ll be prompted to Drag New Block Here, and if you look at the sidebar on the left, you’ll see plenty of options.

5) The fun part is customizing it to suit your needs but here’s how to beautiful your links. You can choose a style from Templates or click on Advanced and personalize your own.

6) This is the most important bit! At the very top, go to Page Settings and make the following changes:

  • Page Status: Publish ✓
  • SeedProd Link: Disabled ✓
  • Isolation Mode: Enabled ✓

Why is this so important? Let me show you something.

So much real estate is taken up by my header that only one link is showing.

Why does this happen? Your website’s existing layout is pre-formatted onto every page. Isolating your theme is crucial to creating your very own Linktree alternative.

You can get creative and add your affiliate links, popular blog posts, videos, or other social media accounts. If you need some inspiration, my bio link page is live, or you can pick the following template by Seedprod to get you started!

What do you think? Are you going to stick with Linktree or Carrd? Or are you going to create your one-of-a-kind landing page with Seedprod?

Leave your landing page links in the comments below so we can get inspired!

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