Moisturize your skin with – Dr.Jart+ Firming Sleeping Mask

I went to Sephora and told the sales girl I wanted something that could fix my dry skin which would also slow down the aging process and brighten my skin at the same time.

Ambitious, I know.

So I was very excited when she introduced Dr.Jart+ Firming Sleeping Mask. I was quite dubious because it’s marketed as a firming mask, but it was worth a try!

I love sleeping masks because they are the best for lazy girls like me who wants to maximize on minimum effort lol.

The mask itself is a creamy gel. It went on smoothly and wasn’t sticky when I woke up which was a great plus! This is a sign that it kept your skin moisturized all night long.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really see much improvement in my skin. There were a constellation of acne scars along my jawbone (thanks, pregnancy!) which I had hoped to fade but nothing happened.

But I passed it on to my mom and she loved it, saying that it made her skin much more radiant.

Did it live up to the hype? Sadly, no.

Is it a good sleeping mask? If you’re looking for something moisturizing that is superior to Laneige’s Sleeping Mask (in terms of both effectiveness and affordability)

Will I repurchase? Nope. It’s just not what I’m after.

All in all, I would much rather inconvenience myself with sheet masks from ID.AZ.

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