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When people think about earning money online, they automatically assume that it’s easy and convenient and that’s why they want to do it.

The truth is far from it. Look, if you have a conventional office job, you can clock in and clock out without contributing anything worthwhile and you’ll still get paid. When you’re working independently, nobody is going to pay you for sitting on your ass and doing nothing. This means that you only get paid for what you do #TrueStory

Thanks to the current situation, we are being forced to reconstruct the landscape of work. Businesses are beginning to see that non-essential personnel can work at home. People are beginning to understand they are open to a whole new world of opportunities, limited only by their imagination and time.

Whether you’re new to the concept of freelancing remotely or if you’re just looking for new alternatives, here are the top free websites used by remote workers all around the globe:

1. Upwork*

Upwork is possibly one of the most popular platforms where you can find work in the following categories: Accounting & Consulting, Admin Support, Customer Service, Data Science & Analytics, Design & Creative, Engineering & Architecture, IT & Networking, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Translation, Web & Mobile Development, Software Development, Writing.

Once you sign up, you will given 50 connects to apply for jobs. Certain jobs will refund you the connects if they do not hire you, but most do not. The connects start at 10 for $1.50 which isn’t too bad considering that you are paid in USD.

It can be a struggle to build up your profile, but once you’ve established yourself, the proposals will come rolling in.

Other similar job-bidding sites: Guru, Freelancer

2. Fiverr*

Contrary to its name, you can charge more than $5 for your services. Fiverr is where you go to list your services, which is the opposite of how Upwork works. It is highly competitive because there are people dropping 5,000 word essays for only $5 but you get what you pay for.

The marketplace is highly extensive and you can find anything from simply graphic design to advanced video overlays for your Twitch streams. You can be hired as a lifestyle coach, offering anything from baking lessons to relationship advice. It’s like the Alibaba or Taobao of services. You can even get your fortune read.

Other similar service marketplaces: Outsourcely, Gigbucks, Fivesquid (UK/£)

3. Etsy

Make money from your crafts and hobbies. While you can build your own line of handmade products and sell them on your own website or social media account, you will be able to reach a large and more targeted audience on a site like Etsy. The downside of this robust marketplace is that it’s filled with competition. You’re better off setting up your own shop through social media for free because each listing on Etsy costs $0.20 (RM0.87) and they take a portion of your profits too.

I would suggested looking into your local e-classifieds and start listing there. For instance, Malaysia has Mudah and Shopee*, Australia and the UK has Gumtree, America has Craigslist, etc.

Other similar marketplaces for handmade products: Zibbet, Amazon Handmade, Bonanza

4. iWriter

Adept at writing? You can try your hand at writing content for other people. The pay is extremely low when you start off, but after you receive 25 ratings and keep your average above 4.1 stars, the pay gets considerably better:

Writer’s Level: 150 Words 300 Words 400 Words 500 Words 700 Words 1000 Words 2000 Words 3000 Words 4000 Words
Standard: new writer $1.25 $2 $2.50 $3 $5 $7.50 $14 $21 $28
Premium: 4.1 – 4.5 stars $2.75 $4.50 $5 $5.50 $7.15 $10.50 $30 $45 $60
Elite: 4.6 – 5 stars $4.25 $7 $8.50 $10 $12.50 $18.50 $40 $60 $80
Elite Plus: 4.85 – 5 stars $11.50 $21 $26.25 $35 $43.75 $64.75 $130 $195 $260

Since the website lists articles for you to write, I’d suggest picking up the short ones which range from 300-500 words to build up your rating. The longer articles may pay more, but the rejection rate is also higher. Tip: Don’t write about a topic you’re not familiar with!

Other similar writing-based sites: WriterBay, GoSuperb, Constant-content

5. Webtoons

Or maybe you’re an artist? Start your own comics on Webtoons and get paid when you hit a certain amount of readership. You’ll need to brush up on your suspense-building skills because artists are encouraged to end their chapters on huge cliffhangers so that readers (like me!) will buy coins in order to read ahead. I wasn’t expecting to find anything worth reading but then I got on Lore Olyumpus AND NOW I’M HOOKED. Show the world what you’ve got and leave them wanting more.

Other similar entertainment selling sites: Tapas (comics), Wattpad (stories), Youtube/Twitch (videos), Pixabay (photos)

6. Udemy

If you are a professional or have the experience to teach, why not? Put your skills to good use and pass them on to a willing student. Create your own courses and get paid to teach. This might not come easy at first because you will have to learn how to create a coherent course and then you’ll have to film it. Also, while you are able to teach in any language, the e-learning community is primarily English speaking.

Other similar teaching platforms: Skillshare

7. Ko-fi

Many creators struggle to get paid because they are much more interested in the creative process than the business side of things but creatives need to eat, same as everybody else. Ko-fi allows you to buy your favorite creators a coffee to show your support for their content. It’s completely transparent and the best part about ko-fi is that you won’t get charged a processing fee by the platform and creatives receive 100% of your intended coffee money!

Other sites that support creatives: Patreon

Thanks to the internet, the world truly is your oyster but it can also be filled with false pearls. I’ve seen people turning their knowledge into a gold mine while helping others achieve their dreams. I’ve also seen people sell “get rich” schemes which, if you really think about it, is super questionable. Why would anyone spend money to help you earn money? Stay ethical and if it sounds too good to be true, remember, it almost always is 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you have a valuable resource to add to the list!

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