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Etude House has always been synonymous with affordable skin care but they’ve recently upped their game to include mindblowing makeup products and a line specifically for sensitive skin.

There are a lot of people who don’t know they have sensitive skin. Many think that their skin is just dry or oily when in fact it’s reacting to the products – which makes it sensitive! Still not sure? If you skin easily turns red, chances are, it’s sensitive!

The beauty product I was talking about it none other than:

But before we get into that, they sent me a care package to announce that they’re opening the first ever branch in Vivacity, Kuching on the 14th of September.

I feel like a beach bombshell – the statement red with the shimmery neutral browns… My favorite item that they sent me is the eyeshadow: Prism in Eye (pictured right below)

It’s beautiful and velvety smooth, being a cream to powder eyeshadow. It comes in 15 delectable shades. It’s super easy to apply with your finger and is something that everyone should have in their bags for impromptu drinks or dates.

The downside? It’s available exclusively at Sunway Pyramid (in Malaysia). Ida got Sparkling Blossom (pictured left up top) which is an absolutely GORGEOUS pinkish glow and I’m so jealous but my Glow Gemstone is a muted brown and it gives off a beachier vibe (pun intended :p).

The next on my list has to be the lip stain because I have a horrible lipstick addiction.. And Active Proof Shield Wear Color Tint in Pool Party Red has crazy color payoff, plus it stays forever!

Man, if you’re fickle minded about what color you want your lips to be for the day and want to go from red to nude, I say: stay. away! But if you really want something that will pop and stick for the rest of forever, you go ahead and stock up in every shade imaginable.

It’s easy to maneuver with and you can do either gradient or solid very easily because it doesn’t dry in a sec (unlike those Colourpops I got – wow on Instagram and meh in real life) – and it’s quite creamy too. While it dries into a velvety finish, they won’t chap so that’s another plus for me!

The glitter from their Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes would have 12 year old me screaming with joy. It goes on equally and gives you a uniform gloss of unicorn sparkles and perfect for a shimmery night out with the girls.

Ok, I don’t like foundations or tinted sunscreen because they go on thickly and I’d feel like my skin is suffocating from the lack of oxygen so I often skip which is a bad habit because sun damage is a bitch. But this sweat proof primer that comes in 50 SPF is now my new favorite. It is so lightweight it even makes me breathe better. Seriously, it feels like a slightly tackier moisturizer that gives pretty decent coverage.

The BB cushion is also freakin’ amazing! It will really smother your imperfections and give you a smooth flawless look. If I used foundations daily, I would put this at the top of my list. But seeing as I only whip it out when I have events or dinner, it’ll sit comfortably right here. It’s moisturizing and has amazing coverage. If you’re on the market for a BB cushion or foundation, make sure you give this a go! Especially if you’ve got flaky/sensitive skin like me.

Next up, it’s the blush because I’ve never had much luck with powder blushers. I will build them up forever and find that I look like I’m having a heatstroke or I’ll apply with a light hand and be asked why I look so pale. This blush easily gives you a nice glow but I’m still a bigger fan of liquid or cream blushers.

The last on my list is the contour: Play 101 Stick. Not because it’s lacking in any way, but because I don’t know how to contour properly! It either leaves me looking like I’ve face planted my face in a mud pie or like I didn’t do any contouring at all.

When the day of the opening came, I dressed in one of my best and went on an adventure. Took me ages to find the shop because I’m the sort to get lost in carparks. But I found myself facing the warmest welcome by Ms. Tin Yen and was given a RM200 voucher.

I got myself a lip liner and the closest eyeshadow I could find similar to Ida’s Sparkling Blossom. If you’re into effortless looks, you have to grab one of those Bling Bling Eye Sticks! They are creamy and I cannot stress enough how so many of Etude House’s products give you such a naturally healthy glow! I got the shade Rose Star and c’mon, even the name sounds pretty!

There’s even this magic CC Cream that goes on white and matches your skin tone! I was so tempted but then I remember how I didn’t like a layer of pretty on my face.

At the end of the day, I won a lipstick from their lucky draw and got a special umbrella as a free gift – it’s black but when it comes in contact with water, sakura blossoms will bloom all over. It’s easily my favorite thing I got for the day, although there are a few other things that caught my eye…

For those who have a love hate relationship with falsies, Etude House has got your back with these self adhesive lashes:

There’s something else which is superbly unique and would make for a great gift to any of your girl friends: you can get a lipstick with customized engraving. I didn’t get one but the engraving looks very high quality!

What’s more, you can only get this here, in Kuching! They do not have this service anywhere else in Malaysia. So, maybe it’s time to plan your getaway to my hometown and get a YSL-inspired lipstick for yourself!

Picture from Ida

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  1. This looks so cute and useful, I absolutely love that it stays for a long time. I would get the pallette for myself, I adore those colors.thank you for your review this is very helpful.

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