The secret to instantly get new Instagram followers

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, your growth will not be organic and some of them might even be bots but I have found a secret method of boosting your numbers instantly. I’m not talking about buying followers either.

It’s close, but you won’t need to pay a single cent if you don’t want to. I’ve been trying it out for the past couple of days, and I’ve noticed that I’m also getting more organic follows. How do I know they are organic? Bots don’t post IG stories 🤭

I know it might seem dishonest, but it’s a great big elephant that nobody’s owning up to. Everyone boosts their numbers one way or another, even the really big accounts. Some do the ole follow-and-unfollow. Others leave comments or like multiple photos for attention.

Let’s face it, not many people want to follow accounts with low numbers, especially if your content is not extraordinary. What’s worse is that there’s false comfort and credibility in numbers. If everyone’s buying something, you’ll automatically assume it’s better than a lesser-known brand.

This has created a huge disparity between good quality accounts which aren’t extremely well known and accounts with a crazy amount of engagement for mediocre content. It’s frustrating.

Now, I’m not here to justify my actions, I know they are questionable. But if you’re sick of the same old guides that tell you to “be consistent”, “figure out your niche”, here’s my first secret:


You might have seen me posting about a 1000 followers giveaway, but that’s not where I’ve been getting my extra traffic. MrInsta and offers a free service that requires you to follow 10 accounts, and you’ll receive 25 in return.

This is refreshed every 24 hours, so you can get 25+ followers everyday. They won’t need any billing details and they won’t ask you for your Instagram password but you will have to make an account.

From what I’ve seen, they have bots in their system as well as real users like myself. By encouraging you to follow their targeted accounts, they help both their paying clients and their bot accounts to receive real followers.

How do I profit from this? A surge in engagement has helped my account become more visible, and while the follows that I am receiving will disappear over the next few days (bots have a way of getting deleted), I will also have gain some new, real followers.

Other methods of gaining engagement

Something else I noticed that extremely popular with Westerners are Facebook engagement groups . The idea is an admin will start a thread which can be “follow for follow”, “comment exchange”, “IG likes”, etcetera. There will be certain rules in place.

Some require you to engage with a specific number of participants, but others might require that nobody is left behind. If that means there’s over 100+ participants, you’ll have to follow/comment/like each and every one.

I’ve joined a few Malaysian-based groups previously and never found the kind of engagement that our Western counterparts have had so much success with. This is going to sound so bad but most English-speaking Malaysians just aren’t supportive of one another.

Regardless, it is something that’s worth checking out. But many of these Facebook groups force you to follow the admin accounts in order to participate. While it might seem like a small price to pay, I prefer to follow people that I actually find interesting. I’m sure you agree.

There are also Instagram pods which boosts engagement through exchanging likes and comments. Some pods only allow you to share one post a day, while others might not have any limits.

As you can imagine, you will not get the same amount of engagement from mass pods that you will from small, intimate pods.

I don’t know of any Malaysian pods so far, but I’m sure you will be able to find or set up one easily. Some take place on Instagram, while others use third party messaging apps like Telegram.

Before you go…

I don’t think that anyone should rely solely on these tricks. It’s important to cultivate a real following that is actually interested in you. Using these methods are a way to gain extra exposure and inflate your numbers for a bit, until you gain the recognition your content deserves. I think of it as a hardworking salesman driving a nice car and who has a nice watch.

These superficial things reassures their customers and increases trust in this salesman, even though both car and watch might be a rental. Over time, he will actually be able afford the car and watch because of them.

It’s just a matter of the chicken or the egg… or so I tell myself. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below because I’d love to hear a different perspective!

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