Experience the Christmas spirit with a buffet – The Waterfront Cafe

There’s something magical about the Christmas holidays. The presents, the festive cheer and the extravagant dishes.

Hilton Kuching will be offering a Christmas buffet over the 24th and 25th of December and we were invited for a little sneak peek at what will be served.

The Sunday roast and Christmas turkey surprised me – I was expecting bland and dry but both were juicy and tender. They even had the Yorkshire pudding down pat.

Three things I must highlight:

1. Chicken Roulade (pictured top left)
Characterized by its smooth round shape, these circles of chicken breast are cooked to such tenderness I did a double take and had to make sure it actually was chicken! The grilled mini-lobster/crayfish next to it was pretty decent too, but nothing when compared to the chicken. Honestly.

2. Hot Chocolate Pudding (pictured bottom left)
This is so good I want to find the baker who made it and kiss him or marry him but I definitely want to steal his recipe. It was so good I had a huge cake slice serving after the initial taste test (who else takes sample sizes of everything at a buffet and then gorge on their favorites?) I was close to bursting but I have seldom tasted anything so divine. I would go to the buffet just to have it again.

3. Beef (pictured right)
There were these small cuts of beef on tiny saucers which were so good, according to him. I don’t eat anything less than medium well so I cannot comment but based off how many he took, I can guarantee that he really loved them and he’s a picky eater!

There was such a wide selection of food I wasn’t able to try everything but there’s definitely something for everyone. A section laden with desserts, a sashimi cart, some local dishes and a mixture of cuisine from all over the world.

If you’re interested in making a reservation, you can call Hilton at 082223888:

Christmas Eve 24 December 2019
Dinner Buffet (RM128) 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Christmas Day 25 December 2019
Brunch Buffet (RM88) 12:00pm – 4pm
Dinner Buffet (RM118) 6:30pm – 10:30pm

They are also hosting a Christmas dinner at the Steakhouse, along with Chinese New Year lunches and dinners. You can also email them (KUCHI_FB@hilton.com) for more information.. If you’re feeling lucky, you can give their giveaway a try!

From now till the 20th of Dec, you can win a 3D2N stay by simply liking the hotel’s Facebook page, share this post and leave a comment on it with your most memorable dining experience with your loved ones. It doesn’t even have to a Hilton experience, just a beautiful memory you cherish. Good luck and happy holidays!

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