Hippopo – a spa for babies in Vivacity, Kuching

Anyone who knows me personally also knows that I’m super proud of my brother’s twins: Luke and Leia.

So, as you could imagine, I was over the moon when I secured an appointment with Hippopo in exchange for my services!

The place runs on appointments so if you’re planning to just pop by, you might be disappointed to find that there are no available slots. You can call them at 082-263 916 to secure a spot.

Many people might feel the urge to roll their eyes at a “baby spa” because it seems frivolous – I too, was one of them. Who but the richest would spend that kind of money? But it isn’t like a spa that adults go to relax. It’s a wellness center that has many benefits for a developing child.

The treatment is said to help with sleeping, eating, development and even pooping! And it’s most beneficial to preemies, which the twins are. Born at eight months, they are technically almost two months old but their corrected age is just over a month. It’s confusing, but important for mommies to know so they can keep track of their babies’ development.

Leia is the older of the two and has a solid pair of lungs. One scream and you’d be running for the nearest escape. She’s got a healthy appetite and sleeps pretty well so we were hoping that the spa would be a fun experience for her.

Luke on the other hand, was born tiny. He’s filled out within the two months but still has a little more to go in order to catch up with his sister. He’s the quieter one although he grumbles a fair bit but can be pacified with a bit of ribbon, like a kitten 😂

A therapist was assigned to each of the babies and you can just see how much they adored them! It was so precious to see them fawning over them like they are the cutest things in the world. They handled them expertly and changed them into waterproof diapers before starting off with some stretches. This baby gym is to warm them up and prepare them for the next step.

After fastening the baby neck float on, they sat them by the edge of the pool and gently wet them with water from the pool as not to startle them. Slowly, they slid them in and allowed them to float for a bit and get used to the new sensations. This is where the hydrotherapy begins.

They alternate between jetting bubbles and turning the Jacuzzi off in order to stimulate the babies and give them time to rest in between. The whole session should not last more than half an hour, but because it was their first time and being newborn and all, it lasted fifteen minutes instead.

I never expected it to be fun watching babies float in a tub, but it was captivating. Luke began by falling asleep and Leia kicked around as though she was born for the water. After their fifteen minutes were up, they were prepped for a full body massage.

The oils they use are high quality, American eucalyptus essential oil which is made with organic vegan oils that are gentle on the skin. They also have a product for babies with eczema or sensitive skin, so mothers, take note of this lifesaver:

Once that’s over and done with, they’ll put on their clothes and you’ll walk away with fresh babies. They will usually be hungry after swimming, just like us! Even if it doesn’t look like they are doing much, it’s still exercise.

Luke konked out as soon as we left and Leia seemed to be in a good mood. All that changed when we reached home.

Leia threw a hissy fit because she was too tired to sleep so she resorted to crying instead. Horrified (because this has happened before and I was afraid she was reverting to old habits), I texted Hippopo and they quickly responded that it is normal as she might have been over stimulated from being so active. When day two came round, she was back to her old self but she’s remained smiley to this day! It’s such a heartwarming sight because she’s always been stingy with her smiles.

Luke was a downright angel and really benefited from the experience. He slept longer, drank more and finally accepted his pacifier! I’m not sure if that’s due to the swimming session but it’s awesome because he used to always spit it right out. He also seems to be less grumbly, which is also great because it gets pretty annoying. He’s like a legit Benjamin Button with his old man expressions and little grouchy noises as though he’s discontented with everything.

Before you run off to book an appointment, bear in mind that your child has to weigh 4.5 kilograms and be less than 36 months. He or she also should not be fed within thirty minutes of his or her session. This last one should be a no-brainer but no sick babies allowed and if he or she has just been vaccinated, wait at least 72 hours before their session. If your baby has sensitive skin, you might want to bring your own towel. That’s it, you’re all ready to go!

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