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I recently discovered that masks should be used daily for them to be effective. Using them once or twice a week as a treatment for your skin is simply not enough.

Just like using serum or an eye cream, masks are an intensive skin care step which should come after toner, followed by serum. The mask should supplement what your skin lacks – if it’s been dull, perk it up with a brightening mask! If it’s aggravated, a calming mask would be best.

It’s important to find gently made masks – some are quite harsh because they want to deliver fast results. But, quick results doesn’t mean effective and might even ruin your skin in the long run. Masks should nourish your skin so look for those which are made with natural ingredients. I found that ID.AZ’s masks check all the boxes for me and I hope you will try them out for yourself because good things are meant to be shared, plus you can get them easily at Watsons!

Repair from the surface with DERMASTIC GOLD-FIT MASK – RM18.77 each

Filled with all the goodness of honey, royal jelly, propolis and infused with gold and red ginseng. Ultra nourishing, especially on my sensitive and hormonal skin. I could feel it repairing my skin and locking in the moisture as my skin did not get oily after. There is a slight residue from the mask but it’s not uncomfortable. What I love about this mask is that it’s not dripping with essence. Also, most gel masks are so heavy that they tend to slip off your face but this adheres perfectly so I can move around and work without worrying that it will slide off my face. It also has a faint pleasant scent that I can’t really put a finger on. This is the mask that convinced me to consider adding their products into my skincare regime.

Quench your skin’s thirst with DERMASTIC WATER-FIT MASK – RM12.16 each

Seawater might not be great for drinking, but it will do wonders for your skin. Swimming in the ocean actually improves moisture retention and promotes healing. This incorporates seawater with hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronide calm and hydrate parched and stressed skin. I think it’s important to use a hydrating mask especially if you’re often in an air-conditioned environment.

The texture of this mask is tissue-thin, so great care should be taken when putting it on. It hugs your face comfortably and would feel like heaven if you pop it into the fridge before using it. There is a ton of essence in the packet so if you’re not keen on wasting product, I would suggest saving it in a small jar and using it as a serum.

Brighten any dullness and even out skintones with DERMASTIC BRIGHT-FIT MASK – RM12.16 each 

With a faint feminine scent which I quite enjoyed, this mask has a thicker texture in terms of the sheet and the essence. This mask is jam packed with antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin and make it brighter by making it healthier rather than bleaching it artificially with lemon or other natural bleaching agents.

After I massaged and slapped all the essence into my skin, it felt surprisingly soft and smooth and bouncy! I was not expecting that because more whitening/brightening masks with that heavy milky essence often leaves your skin ultra sticky.

You can currently get them at half price at Watsons (at the time of writing)! Just click the links above đŸ™‚

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