Money can’t buy class but grooming can

Some girls seem to just have that certain something about them. The French call it je ne sais quoi. A magnetic beauty in their soul.

It’s believed to be something unattainable; something you’re either born with or naturally lack. But that is nothing more than a misdirection, a miscommunication, a myth. You can cultivate class and charisma.

There are girls who try to emulate it through designer bags and clothes or a luxurious lifestyle, but it is not about what you wear, it’s about how you carry yourself.

Out with the old, in with the new
You should never be seen in anything ratty, not even your PJs. And while well worn clothing are comfortable, if it’s starting to go, it should already be gone.

This is true for shoes, bags and anything one accessorizes with. This is because what you put on is a representation of yourself, so if your belongings are dirty or damaged then it says the same about you. So, shoes should always be cleaned after every excursion; bags should be put away with care; jewelry cleaned every once in a while so they remain as sparkly as the day you got them. Plus, all this means you’ll always be Instagram ready!

OTT is an acronym for “trashy”
Understated pieces conveys more class than a large diamond ever will. Compliment-grabbing pieces might scream confidence but class never needs to. Some girls love to go all out and have crazy long nails and drastically colored hair. But to stand out is a step towards trashy.

There is strength in choosing a muted outfit and style because it says: I’m comfortable enough with myself that I do not need your attention. 

Grooming 101: Clean and pristine is key
Having chipped polish, unkempt hair and cracked heels will not do you any favors, either. There’s a balance between caring too much and not caring enough and the middle ground is where you should be, with your head up and chest high (no slouching!)

Keep in mind to check for unsightly undergarment lines (that’s why seamless underwear was invented) and showing bra straps – transparent straps are not invisible, so invest in a multi-functional bra or wear a halter and stop fooling yourself.

From color palettes to opinions, stay neutral in all regards
Neutral tones complement everyone’s skin tone and is the pinnacle of sophistication. Let the colors your wear reflect your amicability, but beware of being a pushover: learn to agree to disagree but don’t force personal opinions on others.

Everyone should know where they stand on all issues. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to win every battle. Silence is golden and one should only break it with value and not meaningless noise.

Never give up on your own brand of je ne sais quoi
Whoever doubts the possibility of achieving that special something will find it eternally out of reach, because it is mentality before anything: you can never be until you believe.

Let me know how these points have worked for you and leave a comment if you have anything to add 🙂

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