ITINERARY | Kch to Sibu 2D1N Roadtrip for the Foodies

We took a roadtrip over the weekend from Kuching to Sibu for some food and I thought I’d share what I always go back for.

Depart Kuching at 7AM, have some famous 17 mile chai kueh and make way to Sarikei in time for lunch!

Glory Cafe (Rong Guan Cha Shi) or just watch out for a huge coconut pudding banner.
Must try: Zhao Chai Fen Gan with Shao Rou + Coconut Pudding

Then, if you still have room for some dessert or a snack, you can try the roti bakar at Aik Seng. Apparently, Kuchingites travel there to have their Sardine Special but we just stuck with the classic kaya and butter.

Moving on to Sibu, about an hour’s drive. Rest up and head out for Pelicana (THEY ARE OPENING A BRANCH IN SIBU WEI I AM SO HAPPY) and order their original chicken + rice! Otherwise, if you’re there during the weekend like us… We hope you’re hungry, cos the market awaits with all these…

The thing in the metal plate is a MUST TRY. I have it every year.

Now it’s time to chill for a little bit. Head over to Eiffel Bar for some draught 1664 Blanc before turning in.

If you are an extreme foodie like us, set your alarm for 3AM because you’re about to go on a kampua experience!

Feng Sheng Cafe on Jalan Tiong Hua
Must try: Black Kampua!

If you get the chance to order Liver Soup, do it! It was sold out when we got there just before 4AM!

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, since I’m up I might as well head back to Kuching, right? NO.

Go back, catch up on your ZZZs because there’s more food for you later in the morning! We woke up around 10AM, because it’s still Sunday and Sundays are made for sleeping in. Check out, and let’s get going to the last few stops before going home!

Chop Hing Huong 
Must try: Ding Bian Hu

Xiu Long Confectionery
Must try: Ji Dan Gao

Kedai Kopi Cinta Sayang 
Must try: Dry Black Kiaw (also known as Pian Nuek in Foochow)

I call these three the holy trinity cos they are literally a triangle of good food. You’ll know what I mean once you see it. Now it’s time to bring some goodies back.

There are three stores. I’ll list them in order of preference. If you’re pressed for time, 1 & 3 are nearer to each other.

1. Tiang Chuon 
2. Sheng Kee 63 Confectionery 
3. Meng Sheng Kee Confectionery 

Once you’ve got all the kuih kuihs you want (the most popular ones are called “Ju Nong Piang”) and the home made instant kampuas, you’re ready to leave!

Btw, there is a duck noodle place in Lanchau that most people like to stop at but since I hate duck, we skipped it.

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