McD putting the Happy in Meals since 1993 in Kuching – Happy 25th Birthday!

The first McD outlet in Kuching celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a fresh look! They’ve styled up and traded bright colors for muted greys and edgy blacks.

They’ve also got self-ordering kiosks in the store – I’m sure you’ve seen them on your travels but they’ve finally arrived in Kuching! They are super handy, not only do you get to customize your own meals (and remove pickles from your burgers) it’s great when you’re traveling to a foreign country because you don’t have to struggle with ordering at the counter.  

We started the day with some McMuffins and Milo before diving into the festivities. There was a photobooth on top of the games they’ve prepared for the kids.

We got some print outs too but guys.. It’s the 21st century, nobody wants prints – we want softcopies so we can post them on IG! Although, the props were a mad plus. I was Maleficent for the day!

Between you and me, I don’t think Boeing knows how props work 😂

Then we were all ushered into the press conference where we learnt that there’s actually big plans for Kuching: We’re going to have the first ever drive-in in Malaysia! While there’s no fixed date for this, Kuchingites would, essentially, be able to rock up to the new drive-in, order from an interactive menu and have food delivered to your parking lot. They will singlehandedly redefine “dining out”.

That has got to be a dream come true because let’s face it, Kuchingites are incredibly attached to their cars and hate getting out of it. Now, if somehow we could get a drive-in cinema right here in my hometown? I could die happy. Maybe McDs could bring new meaning to “Netflix and Chill” and give us… “Chip-flicks” or “McMovies”!

On a serious note, I was very happy to hear that they are trying to minimize the use of plastic (about time, too!) and straws will no longer be readily available. You’ll have to ask for one if that’s what you want. It’s a small step, but a step in the right direction. Hopefully, they will start a go-green initiative and chuck the plastics too.

After the press conference, we got to dig into fried chicken and burgers. I joked on my IG that I only went for the food but I wasn’t joking.

It’s a shame they didn’t have Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or everyone would have been able to witness me self inducing a food coma… But what’s your go-to McDs meal? My dearest disagrees on my choice, saying that Ayam Goreng McD is the best thing to hit the earth. Let me know in the comments who’s right (or if we’re both wrong)!

What’s your Happy Meal?

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