Journey to the top of the hill – Mendung Escape

The moment I saw this picture on my friend’s instagram (and found out it was just 40 minutes from where I stayed) I knew I had to visit it for myself and disappear into the sea of clouds…I booked a room for Adam’s birthday because he loves trekking and I thought it’d be a nice change from always visiting the beach (which he hates).

He was pretty hungover from the night before but made the 700 meter hike in less than 20 minutes with our bags filled with food and bath bombs and big bottles of water.

The trek is really quite steep, so those who do not exercise frequently might want to take frequent stops but it will be completely worth it.

I felt like we were staying in the home of a creative pair of Tarzan and Jane who managed to install an outdoor bathtub seamlessly into their open concept home. They made the highest peak their bedroom, encased with glass and looking out into a balcony with a great view and a hammock.

What could have been a peaceful getaway was peppered with chatter from the other room below us. Their balcony looks directly into the glass bedroom, which was slightly unnerving… Especially when we caught each other’s eyes!

The property maintenance was also not great and those who are squeamish about cobwebs, bugs and dust or mold might want to look into another place to stay. However, it’s to be expected, given how we’re practically living in the forest.

There’s a landing outside of the bedroom, equipped with a table for two and a hanging basket chair. Down the stairs, you’ll find the dining area and the kitchen which is stocked with shared provisions. The chicken we brought up went bad because we forgot to put it in the fridge the night before and it was a godsend that there was Maggi curry in the cabinets!

After dinner, I decided to have a starry soak but did not factor in the lack of a water heater.

We were freezing in the night air and couldn’t tell if there might have been extra guests in the bath with us – the next day, I noticed a huge spider in the drained tub, scuttling around.

Before we left, we cast one last glance at the sea of clouds before making our way back down to civilization… Feeling less relaxed than we would have been if we were a more adventurous pair. He’s terrified of our eight legged friends and anything that scurries with no fur creeps me out.

However, we both agree that it makes a nice party place for a group of friends to drink and merry make into the night.. The best part of the trip was when I swung on the hammock and stargazed by myself. There’s peace in being alone and beauty in an unpolluted night sky.

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