muse is fire

white clouds

We were all children once

But we’ve forgotten how to dance

Simple joys stolen by a harsh life

Kind words turning into a sharp knife

Gently prodding at us to grow up

Not realising they were emptying our cup

The cup brimming with curiousity and hunger

Now filled with an unbearable pressure

Tied to a checklist of perfection

Family, career, and mindless consumption

So hungry for connection we scroll endlessly

Trying to reignite something inside us so desperately

When was the last time you indulged in childish wonder?

Kicked your shoes off and twirled in surrender

Giving in to your intrinsic whims

Growing up doesn’t mean relinquishing your wings

Don’t give up flying before you finish

Creativity is a fire that doesn’t extinguish

All you need to do is to stroke the flame

To watch imagination come alive again

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