An Open Letter to the CEO of AirAsia

Dear Tan Sri Anthony Fernandes,

I’ve had the pleasure of chancing on some true brown-nosing material in your magazine (page 94) on-board one of your aircrafts. I found it a refreshing read with interesting insight into how you operate as an employer of over seventeen thousand strong.

The writer goes on to exclaim and gush about how you are “like a big brother”. Well, big bro, I have some words for you because clearly, the people you work with sound like they are too afraid to mess up or look bad in your eyes. So, I hope you’re ready for some real talk.

Firstly, you gotta stop with the free seats promo because you’re not fooling anyone. AirAsia has been around so long, we know how much an airticket should cost. Raising your prices and then slashing it in half to reduce it back to what is considered normal price is just not going to cut it anymore.

My solution: Reward your loyal customers by giving them a chance to enter a lottery for free seats or coupon codes or just give them out randomly. This reduces traffic on your website so nobody will be frustrated at failing to secure a cheap ticket. Furthermore, the exclusivity of receiving a free ticket from TONY FERNANDES (the big man himself!) will only strengthen customer loyalty.

Secondly, the design of your website might look pretty but it should be more than that: it should be efficient. Who cares if it has flashy effects, if it can’t even complete it’s most basic and fundamental task of making sales?

I personally went through this during your free flights promo and was thoroughly displeased because it would get stuck at the payment page which only added fuel to my already raging fire of fighting your servers and whatever plugins you have installed that made it strangely laggy.

During off season, it still managed to hang itself. And I’m not the only person to say this, mind you. Airasia’s website is synonymous with shit design and functionality. Like, why? Why do you insist on making getting a ticket such a pain in the arse?

If it weren’t for the fact that yes, AirAsia provides the lowest airfares, I’d have been out your door ages ago. However, this doesn’t mean you should push and prod your customers just because you are sure they can’t afford to leave you.

My solution: Fire you current designer/s and hire someone competent. But if you’re the kindly big brother figure as you were made out to be, enroll him or her or the entire team in a coding class so they might produce something decent and actually user-friendly.

After a day and a half of trying to procure the tickets I wanted, I went on mobile and why doesn’t the app have FPX? I’m a cheapskate and would not pay an additional RM16 per ticket if I could help it. I could have gotten a BIG card, but it takes fourteen days for plastic to arrive and the virtual one can barely pay for one ticket, much less two to Melbourne. But you’re a huge corporation, how much effort would it take on your part to add that little function?

My solution: For god’s sake, just include FPX payment on mobile, please? All the hassle had me thinking of applying for a BIG MasterCard, but if I’m unwilling to pay RM32 for two tickets, what on God’s green planet makes you think I’d pay RM2.50 every month for making zero transactions?

The solutions provided may seem strangely familiar, if you’ve taken any notice of your social media or correspondences, because I went on a rampage not too long ago, making sure to @airasia in my grievances on instagram stories and even writing a long feedback letter through your website.

With that being said, I’d like to thank you for opening the skies with your budget airline. My only wish is to see it deliver its promise of how everyone can fly, even those using crappy laptops running on the fumes of cheap internet connections.


  1. AirAsia has also released a promo in our country, the Piso (1-Peso) Fare. Of course the rates are subject to additional charges, so the total rate still feels like a regular rate.

    Hope Tony Fernandes hears you out.

  2. Despite the recent events, I still have more love for MAS than AA. From user-friendly booking procedures to a friendly service from the airport to my destination. I find the crew are more professional and friendly compared to AA and the food is much better (and it comes with the ticket price!). Only downfall with MAS is the ticket price. It’s waaaaaay too expensive even just to fly to Miri.

    AA can’t fool anyone with their ticket prices. It keeps adding on. Also, I am deeply unhappy that even if you exceed even the slightest gram, they charge you RM35 per kg.

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