3 party houses in Kuching that come with a private pool

Cancelled travel plans in 2020 is probably the least of all our worries. Recession is on the horizon and unemployment rates are at an all time high. When the vaccine is released, predictions say that there’ll be a surge in digital nomads who have been set free by the influx of remote work. But who doesn’t miss travelling right now?!

Staycations are probably the next best thing. There’s already a post on the top 10 photogenic AirBnBs in Kuching, and 10 staycations that doesn’t look like Kuching. What next?

I’ve gathered the best Airbnbs for house parties. These party-friendly places in Kuching can accommodate groups comfortably and the best part? They all come fitted with a private pool.

No 1 @ 12 Villas
My top choice simply because it’s great value for money. If you split the cost between 12 friends (which is the maximum occupancy), you will pay less than RM42 each. It’s a bargain for having access to a pool and a house all to yourself.

The villa is situated in a gated community around Tabuan Jaya. Perfect for friends who just want a cheap place to drink and chill.

Belian @ Triple Tree Residences
This is possibly the most attractive of the three, but it’s priced at RM888 a night. BBQ facilities are available upon request and it’s a stone’s throw away from the airport.

This is great for families because it’s much more homey and comfy. It’s also a good spot for more sophisticated parties.

Serapi Bayu Resort
If you actually want to get away from Kuching, you can escape to Siburan.

The place is tastefully decorated and judging from the photos it is more of a resort-style villa. However, it has a steep price tag at RM900 per night.

Bonus: The Glass Villa Borneo Highlands Resort House No.9
While this one doesn’t come with a swimming pool, it’s situated in Borneo Highlands, which means you can go on hikes and enjoy the cooler weather. But this house is the most expensive of all, at RM1200 a night!

While I cherry picked the nicest party houses, the fact remains that party houses are meant to accommodate and not to impress. If you’re looking for Insta-worthy stays, you can click here for Airbnbs and here for hotels. Stay safe during this trying time and be responsible! To encourage more people to hang out indoors, please take RM200 off any Airbnb.

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