A tea lover’s paradise and not another boba chain – Rabbit Rabbit Tea

Honestly with all the bubble tea spots mushrooming all over Kuching, I wouldn’t be surprised if you skipped one or no, no matter how much you love boba.

Me? I’m not much of a boba person because the amount of sugar in it makes my physically ill. I’m aware that you can adjust the sweetness of each drink but I’m just not a fan. I am, however, a big fan of tea and so when I discovered Rabbit Rabbit Cafe puts their focus into their teas, I was already sold.

In my opinion, all bubble tea are created equal and taste more or less the same but at this place, you can choose your base, from the generic milky flavor to something a little more unconventional like the Japanese Buckwheat Milk Tea (caffeine-free) which works great as a breakfast drink, especially when paired with fresh taro flown in from Taiwan.

So aside from boba, they have a selection of different toppings ranging from almond pudding to coconut jelly. My personal favorites are the honey tapioca white pearls and the taro. I don’t get why people like almond pudding! It tastes like medicine to me.

I also love how the cafe is set up. You can hole up in one of these cubby holes or sit on the top bunk!

There’s even a bar top that’s considerately set up near the counter so you don’t have to loiter awkwardly while waiting for your takeaway.

Rabbit Rabbit Cafe is from Taiwan but it’s super popular in the states and now they’ve chosen Kuching for one of their first branches in Malaysia! If you like light flavors, I would suggest going for the Golden Jinxuan pure tea at just 25% sugar with white pearls. If you’re after something a little pungent and has more character, try their Earl Grey. I promise you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Hours: Daily 10AM – 10PM
Phone: 017-899 8510
Location: Ground Floor, Lot 108 (Survey Lot 3321) TT3 Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching (MAP)

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