AEON – a child-friendly mall for families in Kuching

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, walking into AEON like I did. Aside from the supermarket, I wasn’t quite sure. I didn’t even know it’s from Japan.

I should have guessed though, what with all the family friendly rest rooms and kid play areas?

You have until the 20th of May to participate in the maze with your kid. I’m sure it’s filled with childish wonder. 

They even thought to include charging stations in little relaxing gardens around the mall.

When you get to the food court, you’ll see that they were one step ahead of you. A slide to distract your kids with, while you wait for their food to be ready? Genius.

Moms will also take pleasure in knowing that there’s a baby room that is outfitted with changing stations and clean water!

Plus, there’s a waiting area for daddies to chill at while mommies feed their babies in private little cubicles.

The ladies room has a 360° vanity table and a miniature urinal for little boys.

If you need a reason for why Japan is awesome: they think of everything.

If you’re an insta-holic, they even have the perfect reason for you to post an #ootd without looking like some hick (乡芭佬) who has never seen/been to a mall before.

I got this from Tokyo a year ago and it was No.1 then and it’s still No.1 now so you do the math. Retails at RM100 plus though.

Organic stuff for those with sensitive/problematic skin!

On the second floor, THEY HAVE A UNICORN SECTION! This is a cup holder floatie!

Behold! Where my friends will be buying my future Christmas presents and birthday gifts lol

Aside from the magical corner, there are just tons of really cool stationary.

Take the escalator down a level and you’ll come to the supermarket and look at that! They even have pre-packaged veggies for you to chuck in a wok or dump in some soup. Japanese mentality x 10000

There’s an entire section of fresh fish to choose from.

The only disappointment was their non-halal section. They have an entire rainbow of SPAM, except hot & spicy! 😞

Although, they do have a huge selection of alcohol in C’est La Vie (fun fact, it’s French for “such is life” or in Malaysian terms: life, la!)

Not only do they have beers from all over the world.. They have a huge cupboard of Australian wine!

Pair that with their huge selection of cheese…

This is heaven. Who wants to have a wine + cheese night?

Outside of the supermarket, you’ll find stalls selling sushi and baked good, etc.

I’m so happy that we can finally get roasted chestnuts in Kuching! Had some in Korea and they were dry AF. Seriously, don’t buy the chestnuts from the streets because they are devoid of all taste and stickiness that makes it yummy.

Oh, croissants! I haven’t tried them, but if they are any good, please let me know!

Thanks to the ridiculous crowds, there weren’t much food left for me to snap photos of but….

TROLOLOLOL. What is this, even? They couldn’t make sushi fast enough to supply the crazy demand.

All in all, AEON is pretty impressive; the gym and karaoke is set to open in May. But the burning question is: where is the cinema?

I’ve sent them an email and they said they’ve forwarded it to the relevant department. That’s three days ago and still, no updates.

Fingers crossed, then!

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