My first music festival in the rainforest – Rainforest World Music Festival 2014

I got the opportunity to go to Rainfest for the very first time this year, thanks to Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers. I was filled with wonder as I walked through Cultural Village and marveled at this hidden gem in Kuching.

The place was bursting with life and joy, all united by a passion for music. I was there for the promise of new experience and I was not disappointed.

The environment is unlike any other in Kuching, and for that I was enchanted. The lights and setup lent a foreign feeling to a familiar place. The air I breathed was as comfortingly humid as ever but I was transported to a time and place which I never knew existed in my home. In that moment, I felt infuriated for not having been. Much like when I discovered pork leg and cursed my younger self for being a picky and unadventurous eater.

I made it in time to meet the other bloggers for a couple of beers before heading to Blackbeard’s Tea Party together.

Anyway, I dived right into the pit to get a couple of shots. It was Christmas day with kittens and puppies on a bed of cotton candy for me. I was wide eyed at the photographic opportunities and the lack of heads in my viewfinder.

I’m not going to lie, I felt like a VIP, strutting around in the pit and snapping away… Trying to look confident in the sea of various lenses which were so much more obnoxious than the one I chose to use. Now I know how guys feel about their equipment and why size is such a delicate topic.

But enough about superficialities, let us return to the mesmerizing night of feel good vibes.

Watching the pirates enjoy themselves on stage made me happy. I suppose it’s natural to be moved by another’s passion… Especially one that burns white hot.

I was high off the feeling of being so present in the moment, rather than the music. I cannot for the life of me, remember their tunes but I remember how it felt. We were a collective consciousness, yet separate in our individuality. I was enchanted by the enjoyment of others. Shy, yet determined. I have always been reluctant to take candid shots of strangers, despite loving them the most. I tell myself that the moment I want to photograph would be gone by the time I am able to take the shot. But that night I told myself to just do it anyway, maybe I’ll get lucky. And I did.

Stay passionate, inspire others and don’t ever be afraid of looking to others for inspiration and be motivated by their passion.

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