Fade your scars with – Sephora Collection Luminizing Booster with Vitamin C

Skincare is so complicated and such an inconvenience sometimes but I’m slowly learning to enjoy it. I used to just do cleanse, tone and moisturize but apparently serum is something you use after toner but before moisturizer.

I picked up my first ever serum a two months back and used it religiously for a month after the twins were born because I had a lot of scars around my jawline due to hormones and itchy fingers.

To my surprise, the serum was able to fade my scars relatively well. They haven’t completely disappeared but it seems to be speeding the process along. When I was younger, a scar would take a week to fade and in a month it would be gone. I guess it’s a sign of aging that you stop healing as quick and a sign that you should up your skincare regime!

I’m not a fan of the serum when it is freshly applied. It feels like there’s a sticky icky layer over my skin but it absorbs eventually, unlike the Sephora Collection Invisilk Masks that pretty much leaves your face glowing with oil (not a good look). I find the serum quite nourishing because I’ll wake with moisturized and clean-feeling skin that is none greasy.

At RM68 for 20ml, I think it’s a good entry level serum as it’s not overwhelming, in terms of price and potency. I’m quite wary of the SKII effect where your skin becomes really good when you’re using the product and goes to shit when you stop. This definitely isn’t one of those products as it’s relatively mild.

I think that this is good for those who are just starting to upgrade their skincare regime like me, but if you’re looking for a vitamin c serum that will brighten your skin and fade your dark spots, you’re better off looking elsewhere. Also! I wouldn’t recommend using this in the day because a beautician once told me that vitamin c reacts with uv rays and will cause discoloration so despite reading otherwise, I’d rather not risk it.

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