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I once read that the first thing you’ll notice when you’re in L.A. is how white everyone’s smiles are. I never forgot it. Every time I watched a Hollywood film, I made sure to check out how bright their pearly whites are. Pair that with the recent boom in teeth whitening gadgets, I just had to get one for myself.

Smitten Malaysia (RM169.90) came to my attention because they are a homegrown brand and I think it’s important to support local entrepreneurs rather than reach for a foreign brand. I reached out to them and they agreed to give my readers 10% off their purchases when they use the code: SmittenVey. Valid till 17th of August, 2018. You can choose to contact them through their Instagram or their Shopee page.

The first thing you need to do before using the kit is to… brush your teeth! They actually have explicit instructions that you do.

After that, just peel the plastic sheet off the battery and off you go.

I used it consecutively for three days despite reading that I’d get the best results if I used it consecutively for 6 days. This was because the treatment made my teeth feel a little funny. There was a little tingly sensation in my teeth. Also, when I removed it, I could feel that parts of my gums were a little numb. However, that could be because I used it over the limit of 10 minutes per session. I was advised to leave it in as long as I can bear (without exceeding half an hour) and I took it up as a challenge.

After that, I used it once every two days till all the gel was used up (I didn’t get the tingly sensations when I gave my teeth a day to rest in between sessions). While the booklet recommends that you use half the gel in the syringe for each treatment, I used a little bit more and applied it directly onto my teeth. Just try not to swallow it because has a slight bitter aftertaste.

These are the results!

As you can see, my teeth did become one shade lighter despite not following the instructions closely. If you’re interested in getting one to try for yourself, get an additional box of gel (RM69.90) because the kit only comes with 3 syringes and that’s just nice for 6 sessions.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any kind of teeth whitening and how it worked for you – because sharing is caring 🙂


  1. I used the Crest White strips 3D Luxe; 40 strips – 20 for the top, 20 for the bottom. You can’t brush your teeth beforehand with toothpaste otherwise your teeth will be unusually sensitive, so it’s recommended to just brush with a wet toothbrush and ensure you remove as much debris as you can.
    Each strip is like a thick, gluey sellotape that you “tape” onto your teeth and secure to the back of the teeth by folding. You MUST dry your teeth or those strips will slide. They’re not comfortable and you need to experiment with different ways of being comfy during the treatment because it’s essentially strips of plastic stuck in your mouth and you have little control on your drool.

    You have to wait 30 minutes for the strips to work, and you need a minimum of 5 sessions to see a difference but honestly I didn’t see much difference. My teeth were speckled and there were no differences in the shades tbh. I read up that our teeth are all very boils down to the amount of dentin you have. I also read up that Crest White fakes are prevalent in the market so I may have ordered some fake ones hence it didn’t work.

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