10 staycations in Kuching that doesn’t look like Kuching

We have a wonderful city in Borneo, bordered by rainforests and beaches. The town itself is filled with life and great eats.

If it weren’t so tropical and hot, it’d be paradise. But sometimes we want a reprieve from the mundane; even a breathtaking view will turn boring if you look at it everyday.

Even if you’re not local, it’s nice to have a place to relax that isn’t just another boring hotel room. So, for a change of scenery, check out these top 10 luxurious stays not too far from Kuching city!

You’ll be surprised to find a mini-Santorini in Santubong called COVE55

Pristine, serene and classy. It is a place with minimalist but bold decor that will impress even the pickiest.

When I was there back in 2015, we got a personal tour from the hotelier and it looked like the dreamiest place to have a wedding in this sleepy city.

At that time, the beach was off limits but it’s had a major renovation and now boasts a new infinity pool, restaurant and bar. According to a representative, the rates start from RM560 for rooms overlooking the South China Sea.

Prefer something less white and shiny? Rustic charms rule THE VILLAGE HOUSE

Also located in Santubong, the pool is a hotspot for photographs, not to mention it looks like a homelier version of the most instagrammed pool in the world:

It is also for the more zen folk as children under 12 are not permitted onto the premise, and neither is rowdiness allowed after 10PM.

According to Booking, rates start from RM334 for Village Double Room, featuring a four poster bed! If you don’t mind sleeping in a dorm, you can have a bed for RM123 per night.

For a little in between, there’s the new and elusive BASAGA HOLIDAY RESORT LUNDU

Opened towards the end of 2017, it’s been packed almost every weekend. It will be well worth it when you finally grab a room at this resort!

Not only does it have panoramic ocean views, it is part of a wildlife conservation organization. This means you’ll be raising funds for wildlife while enjoying a private outdoor bath or a soak in the salt water pool. Vacation for the greater good? There’s probably nothing better.

Plus, rates are just RM229 for the villas; add RM50 to make it a family villa! Check Airbnb for the listings.

What you need when city lights get too loud is… MENDUNG ESCAPE

You can’t get closer to nature than this. Truly an escape from the humidity, being so far up amongst the clouds. The best bed is on the balcony, with the stars for a ceiling and the cool air instead of a whirring airconditioner.

Be warned that it is a 700 meter hike up to the place. According to Airbnb, rates are RM201 per night for couples but groups start at RM250.

If you prefer falling asleep to the sound of running water and waking up to a fresh water river, check out their new cabin at Pinggir Siak.

Want the mountains and a pool? Greedy you, say hello to BOYAN HIGHTS

Tucked away in Kampung Git Borneo Heights, this little-known gem has a private salt water pool with a scenic view.

The more adventurous might want to look into canoeing and hiking or exploring the nearby caves but it looks like the best place to gather with a large group of friends for BBQ!

Unfortunately, they only have three rooms which are all listed on Airbnb for RM201 per night.

A place that doesn’t get enough love is BORNEO HIGHLANDS RESORT

For the golfing couple or ones that appreciates a good hike. It has a lovely little waterfall halfway up and the grounds are beautiful for exploring and photoshoots.

Prices start at RM340 on Expedia for a Standard Double but follow their Facebook page for promotions!

If you’re not willing to go further than 40 minutes away from Kuching and will be happier being a short drive away from the hotspots in town, here are some other options!

Situated just a stone’s throw away from civilization, we have SECRET SANCTUARY

As the name suggests, the place is like a rustic secret sanctuary, filled with interesting nooks and crannies.

It is a nice little place to chill with friends or a loved one, for extra quality time. The hammocks that line the walkways are wonderful for alone time too – I should know, I’ve spent a better part of a party hiding away in one of them and enjoying a read.

According to Cyril on Airbnb (where it’s known as Bohemian Paradise Holistic Retreat) it’s RM80 per person a night for large groups up to 30 pax. For couples, feel free to take on his RM139 suite.

There’s a place that’s taken Kuching by storm as a whimsical wedding venue: UCSI HOTEL

Sunsets over carefully decorated rooftops go together like peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Bonnie and Clyde. You get the idea.

That’s why this spot is gaining popularity, and fast! Weddings, fashion shows and such events have made their mark at this lovely hotel.

Rates start at RM203 per night, according to their website.

Disappear right into the heart of shopping and entertainment at LOFT @ VIVACITY

Personally, I like how the pool and gardens are hidden from view by hulking apartments on either side. It feels like a modern Eden, built atop the largest mall in Sarawak!

After a day of activities, it’s nice to retire from the hustle and bustle by just taking an elevator up. Or if you’re feeling up to it, the karaoke place opens till 2AM and you can always catch a late night movie or go shopping whenever. It’s also home to local favorites like Aladdin’s Chicken Rice and you’ll find Laksa, Kueh Chap and Kolo Mee there too. Talk about a one stop shop, or in this case, foodcourt.

Note: There are two foodcourts, so make sure you go to the one right next to the cinema.

The host has two rooms, so you might want to check them both out before deciding on one because they have a different feel to them. Loft is RM188 and Loft II is RM176!

A great hideaway for a childhood reunion… DE’LOFT KUCHING @ GREENWICH

Situated in a deceivingly quiet housing area with greens all around, this place is not too far from town and within walking distance to Sunny Hill Ice Cream – an old favorite that locals love.

Designed by an architect, you’ll definitely enjoy the tasteful aesthetic. It’s RM237 per night for the entire place.

Staycations do wonders for those craving an escape, without breaking the bank. It’s also really nice to explore one’s home and see the beauty that stay hidden away from daily life. If you’re raring for a weekend away, here’s RM120 off any AirBnB stay.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite? And, if you run a sweet staycation spot, use the contact form to get in touch!


  1. Hi Veyronica! We are located in the east coast of Santubong Peninsula at only 30 minutes by boat from Buntal village. Nanga Shanti is a jungle stay at only one hour drive from Kuching.
    It’s a perfect gateway where you can enjoy the beach and the forest .We organize yoga retreat as well.

    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for reaching out – maybe I’ll add you in part two of great stays in and around Kuching! Do you mind dropping me an email?

  2. I literally just read your first sentence about beaches and rainforests and you had me hooked haha!The village house looks absolutely incredible!

  3. There are so many cute little places to stay that you have found. i LOVE that bike on the wall and the different variety of swimming pools. I have seen the most instagrammed pool in the world and that one does look very very similar!

  4. Gorgeous places listed here, If I had the time and money I would book a visit right now. I think my favourite would be the cabin at Pinggir Siak, beautiful!

  5. Wow all these hotels are so beautiful, it’s hard to choose a favourite! I love the views and serenity of Mendung Escapes, that might have to be where I’d head first!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this, you have a very good reading style that makes you want to read on and on… and it does look absolutely stunning too. Thanks for sharing, I guess I’ll have to add yet another place to my bucket list 🙂

  7. What a beautiful and lush landscape, we would love to visit Borneo for the wildlife but it looks like there are some beautiful hotels here too. Luxury and beautiful scenery is a winner for me.

  8. Omg! All those places look so beautiful and stunning. I would instagram that pool too, lol, gal needs to keep up with the trend, right? 😀

  9. hi, just letting you know that the pool pictured is actually the one in Marrakesh, Morocco and there isn’t one in Kuching. Still a great list or recommendations!

    1. I wrote that it looks like the pool in Morocco, not that it is 🙂 I understand how it can be misleading so I’ve edited the sentence. Thanks for pointing it out!

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