The eleventh month

On the 19th of Aug, I saw Tobias stand up while staring at me. It was like you were saying Look! Ma, no hands! I feel like this is only the first of many watch me moments, many of which will leave me holding my breath.

Liam you pooped in the bathtub! It’s with giddy horror that I looked on that first time and saw something float around in the water.. and you and your brother playing with it!!

You guys love to crawl to the toilet whenever you get the chance and if our bedroom door is open, you’ll make a crawl for it.

Can you just imagine.. it’s almost been a year since we brought you home. You were so tiny and now you both can stand unassisted! Every morning you wake me up by standing at the foot of my bed and playing with my toes or talking with one another. I love your morning smiles, so sweet and full of promise!

You also had your first staycation this month. One day we’ll bring you camping with us. I honestly cannot wait.

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