The fifth month

This month was hectic, you guys starred in your first video for a local mall, you went CNY visiting, you had your first proper photoshoot.

I love watching you play with your dad. It’s like he’s got the world’s funniest face and you can’t help but laugh when you look at it. But I gotta admit, I love shoving my face into yours and smelling your breath even more. The lack of mouth-smells is unnerving to me and yet addictive in a way so I continue doing it when you’re yawning, you’re crying or when you’re looking for food but that’s when you chomp down on my nose.

It’s amazing but you guys can see so clearly now. You ready your little mouths when you see the bottle coming. You laugh at spinning objects. It’s so adorable! I’ve also upgraded you to a bigger bottle because you can tuck away 180ml now. When I sneeze, it scares you and makes you cry.

I’ve learnt that Liam has a whiny cry and Tobias sounds like he’s about to throw a punch. Oh, I love it when you guys wake up for milk in the middle of the night because you don’t even cry. You make this long, drawled out groan like man, I can’t believe I’m hungry again ugh this is so annoying I’m so sleepy just feed me already and Liam looks shocked he’s awake but Tobias is just downright angry. Half open eyes and glaring at me out of the corner, as if it’s my fault he’s awake.

It’s crazy. It’s crazy how much you both have grown and I can’t believe in another month you’ll be learning how to eat on your own and in half a year, you’ll turn one and ready for your cake smash photoshoot. Oh yea, we’re totally doing it. We’ve already got a cake by Favour lined up so now all we need is a photographer. I’ve been thinking why not do it myself — but I want to be in the pictures too so we’ll see how it goes.

Take it from me, everyone needs a photographer friend in their lives so he will help document your life. If you’re the photographer, life will be quite sad for you because nobody takes photos of the photographer aside from another photographer so get that friend. A lawyer is good, too. One you invite to all your parties and one you keep on your speed dial. Seriously, they are the most valuable people that you can have in your life and sadly I have neither. But the truth is I only wish that you have friends that will always have your back. That is the most important kind of friend to have. They don’t have to be there everyday (although it would be nice if they were) but I hope you have friends that will put you at the top of their list, and that you would do the same for them.

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