The first luxury bird’s nest dessert cafe in East Malaysia – The Happinest (禧燕庭)

When I heard about this new place selling bird’s nest desserts, I thought to myself: finally.

What I didn’t prepare for was how luxurious everything at The Happinest would be and how impeccable the plating is, but I will get to that.

They served their instagram-worthy butterfly pea drink that is quite fizzy. I never found sparkling water appealing so I gravitated towards their passion fruit green tea mix instead.

It’s a light and refreshing drink which I totally recommend.

The Happinest’s iconic dessert has to be the blue pea flower bird’s nest. The color comes from the flower and the detail of the dessert is simply astounding. From the sugar dusting to the tiny blooms arranged so neatly. We almost couldn’t bring ourselves to eat it but we did and there’s a layer of bouncy jelly at the bottom to give the dessert more character rather than being just a bowl of pretty bird’s nest.

Personally, I preferred their peach gum bird’s nest (in their menu as Sun Moon Lake) because they incorporated flower petals into the dish which really brought it to the next level. You have the texture of the bird’s nest, coupled with the soft and chewy peach gum and a floral note which added a new dimension to the dessert.

What I love most about all the desserts is that nothing is overly saccharine and all the flavors and textures complement each other, especially when it comes to their pastries. The custard in their Egg Crowns are unbelievably soft but nothing could compete with the decadence of the pineapple Swift Tarts topped with bird’s nest… until they served the soybean pudding which is aptly named Silk Flower.

Now I can’t decide which I like more but why choose when you can have both?

First the freshly baked tarts crumbling in your mouth… followed with a spoonful of the smoothest soybean pudding I have ever tasted. It is also the most flavorful soybean pudding I’ve ever had, bursting with the fragrance of its simple ingredient: soya bean. It’s absolutely breathtaking how they were able to encapsulate such wonderful flavor into dessert. I cannot wait to go back for more, and this time, I will most definitely try their sweetheart cake aka Wife’s Signature which is made from a secret family recipe and therefore different from anything else you will find elsewhere.

Hours: Daily 11AM – 10PM
Phone: 011-6553 5335
Location: E-G-26, Gala Street Mall, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching (MAP)

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