the problem

man and woman kissing together on body of water

I think that the problem is me

Perhaps it is, if I love so easily

Overlooking warning signs are my specialty

What are red flags if not just personality?

Love isn’t love until you can love unconditionally

I will love as he puts me down in front of his friends

Honoured to be a mean to his ends

Why should I care who wears the pants

If it means I’ll be his closest confidant

The jokes might hurt someone more sensitive

But I’ll laugh and teach myself to be less combative

Fight the rage that calls for my desires

Burn my dreams and set fire to my pyres

Give you free reign to be the hero in your story

Subjugating myself to become whatever you want me to be

Let me love you broken and bruised

So that you may love me when you’ve healed and improved

It took me far too long to understand

Not all seeds take root in the sand

I didn’t even blink as you pulled out the hope I planted

It’s a dangerous game when you want to be wanted

I guess the truth is that love just ain’t that easy

And I used to think that the problem… was me

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