a house for all occasions – theCHARCOAL

Snapping photos to the soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s Lover at theCHARCOAL embodies a rustic experience that neither Ida nor I would likely forget. The local Airbnb is well stocked with nooks and crannies perfect for a picture.

theCHARCOAL is the brainchild of Stanley Ngu, founder of SoloTimber (where timber is repurposed and upcycled). His vision is reflected in every corner of the house. You can feel the richness of the history in the furniture and ambiance of the house.

The stay itself is peaceful, despite being quite central in Kuching. It’s a delightful place to escape to, featuring a hot tub that is nothing short of blissful for my bloated feet.

A four bedroom affair, it’s large enough to host small parties or accommodate a large family but I didn’t trust my friends not to trash the gorgeous place, so I went there armed with a camera and sought a quiet night instead.

The kitchen cabinets look like they were made from vintage windows and offers a delightful pop of color.

Greenery shoots through the entire estate, merging man-made structures with the tendrils of nature.

The best time for photos is in the late afternoon when sunlight is filtered through the wooden panels and glass shutters, creating the most interesting dappled effect.

theCHARCOAL is not the only photogenic Airbnb in town, but it is by far the most interesting and is perfect for bachelorettes or intimate and sophisticated gatherings.

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