You need to read this if The Culvert is on your bucket list

It’s been so long since my visit to The Culvert (for a bit of context, I went at the beginning of my pregnancy and my boys are now 9 months old). The reason why it took me so long to blog about it is because… My stay was underwhelming and a little disappointing. Read on to find out why!

When this new resort opened in 2018, it made waves in Kuching for its delightfully quirky design. However, by the time I made my visit in 2019, there were parts that were already falling into disrepair.

The air conditioner in my room leaked and dripped all over my laptop. The roller on the bathroom door was broken and I couldn’t close the door properly. Looking back, I could have requested for another room but it didn’t occur to me at that time.

I think that having a room like that really dampened the entire experience. It made me nitpick on all the other details around the place that wasn’t quite up to my expectation. For instance, their swing beds were littered with bits and pieces of bark and dirt, the pool had dead leaves floating around, and there wasn’t anyone manning the bar.

While I understand that it’s inevitable to get some debris in the pool and furniture since they are set in the rain forest, didn’t anyone anticipate this and plan to combat this with regular maintenance?

One thing I did enjoy was walking on the beach because it’s so secluded… Until I came across a sign telling me to beware of crocodiles.

Really? Why is this sign hidden from view? Shouldn’t it be at the top of the stairs leading down to the beach?

Come dinner time, I was dreading what awaits. True enough, we were swarmed with mosquitoes. They sold mosquito repellent at the counter but, shouldn’t the eatery take the initiative to stop their patrons from being eaten alive and not capitalizing on their misfortune?

If not for the mosquitoes, dinner would have been a pleasant affair. They prepared board games and I had a quick game of chess with the husband before we rushed back into our cramped culvert.

Taste wise, the fish and chips was forgettable but the bolognese was quite comforting.

As for the breakfast, though the set up was quite cute and homey, the food was very bland. I was excited to dig into the char kueh tiao but it left me wanting.

The whole experience gave me the impression that the management has no idea how to run the resort well. I don’t expect to have someone waiting on my every beck and call, but at least make the place a little more hospitable. A pretty view isn’t enough, because the novelty will fade, but an impression lasts forever.

When it comes to hospitality in Kuching, I must say that nothing, absolutely nothing, beats Cove55. While many might argue that it comes with the steep price, I beg to differ. Anyone can charge a premium for a gorgeous accommodation but not everyone will go above and beyond to ensure their guest’s comfort.

Just my honest two cents and I strive to always speak the most uncomfortable truths. Yes, The Culvert is set against a gorgeous backdrop of nature and is presented as a lovely getaway. However, there are still improvements to be made to both hospitality, cuisine and maintenance.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve also been and have a more positive experience 🙂

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