Seafood BBQ with a Japanese twist – Threewood Japanese BBQ

Salt baked Tilapia sounds amazing and it tastes even better, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

B. Greenhouse has introduced another, fishier side: Threewood Japanese BBQ. While you can still have their signature steak, you now have another option of trying their seafood grill.

They opened on the 3rd of October and I was blessed to be one of their guests.

It was such a wonderful night to sit outdoors and enjoy the ambience. It’s so rare you can enjoy a night out in Kuching without airconditioning.

You can choose from their alacarte menu or take your pick from their set meals.

There’s the RM78 Tilapia Fish Set.

The RM98 Saba Fish Set.

And the ThreeWood Seafood Set at RM128.

Regardless of what go with, you can be sure of fresh seafood. I’m not a huge fan, but even I dug in and had my fill of razor clams, succulent scallops and crunchy prawns – all lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic oil.

After allowing us some time to mingle with the mix of radio announcers, content creators and social media influencers, came the main event: the flaming salt baked Tilapia.

Everyone hoarded around its table and when it was set on fire, a thrill of excitement went through the crowd. When the chef sliced it open and served the fish, everyone came back for seconds. I went back for thirds and would have continued if I weren’t sharing with everyone else – but there’s always a next time, and I will definitely have one fish all to myself!

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