Trolley Schoolbag Review: Swan 6D Lite Roll Schoolbag

Swan is a trusted Malaysian brand that has been around for more than seven decades. I’m sure you’ve seen their wares growing up, even if you’re not aware of it. Swan produces primary and secondary uniforms, pencil cases, and of course, bags.

I still remember being a primary schooler, rolling into school with the latest schoolbag technology: wheeled bags. I felt so posh and sophisticated because I had a set of wheels!

The evolution of trolley backpacks

Trolley backpacks have come a long way since then, and boy was a surprised to see a ten wheels on one schoolbag.

The Swan 6D Lite Roll Schoolbag is designed to go over uneven terrain with ease, giving primary school aged students the ability to navigate their schoolyard without having to exert too much pressure on their growing bodies.

A closer look at the features of the 6D Lite Roll

I think one awesome selling point of the 6D Lite Roll is that despite its size, it’s relatively lightweight!


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There’s one main compartment, one compartment for documents or tablets, and three smaller zip compartments, plus one mesh side pocket for a water bottle which is really highly useful!

Is this the best roller schoolbag for students?

The Swan 6D Lite Roll Schoolbag is a sturdy option for anyone in the market for a trolley backpack. While it’s marketed at primary school students, I think it’s a versatile bag that every mom could utilize as a travel companion or baby bag.

I’ve tried it out, and yes, it’s big enough to fit all their essentials and toys!

However, it’s a bummer that the backpack straps aren’t retractable because they tend to drag on the ground. On the other hand, the bag is removable, which makes washing the entire thing so much more convenient.

It also comes in six different designs so you can choose something highly pink and cute or something non-descript like mine.

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