Disappear into an island at the heart of Kuching – UCSI Hotel

Watching pink hues chase fire across the sky while floating in an infinity pool, that’s how every weekend getaway should start.

I wouldn’t have known that UCSI Hotel was built on an island had the receptionist not told me. Friendly and eager to share about the locale, it was easy to see the passion that he had and enthusiasm is contagious.

First of it’s kind, UCSI Hotel was built as eco-friendly as possible, utilizing technology in order to reduce their carbon footprint, which is probably why they didn’t provide any sanitary bags or laundry bags and none of their trash cans had plastic bags in them. That kinda sucked for us because my clothes were dripping from the pool and his were damp with sweat.

The gym overlooks the pool and it made me feel safe knowing that Adam was looking in my direction whilst on the treadmill. I love swimming, it is a joy to submerge yourself in cool blue waters and float weightlessly, especially now that I’m more than five months pregnant. Being able to take the strain off my back and body was bliss. But I’m always afraid there’s something lurking in the water – silly, but a fear I’ve been unable to shake.

We truly enjoyed the ambiance. Music pulsing through the air but not taking anything away from the serenity of being five floors up. Bruno Mars and Sam Smith accompanying me on acoustic.

After a satisfying swim, we retired to our room and I really love the bathroom. The design is nothing spectacular, it’s not overly luxurious but it is definitely something I would love to have in my own home. With both bathtub and shower, you can choose to shower before you soak or directly after, without waiting for the water to drain! I love soaking in hot water and Adam would much rather have a quick shower so it all worked out for us.

The vanity mirror is such a nice touch too! I can put on my makeup without pressing myself up against the counter!

One thing I would remove are those garish UCSI pillows. I understand that branding is important, but they don’t have to be in a shade of highlighter yellow! It throws the entire color scheme off and while comfortable, are an eyesore. A neutral beige or grey would add more to the aesthetics.

Dining was pleasant but there’s no escaping the mosquitoes! It would have been a romantic dinner if mosquito repellent was provided. Unfortunately, they did not have any at hand so we got out of there ASAP.

The food was fine, adequate portions and taste but it’s the first time I’d seen bolognese served with garlic bread. They also had a very limited selection of alcohol: bottled Tiger, Heineken and Guinness.

At breakfast, I surprised myself by overloading on the samosas. They are so good!

On the other end of the spectrum were the sausages and croissants. The sausages they offered leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth and the croissants were more bread than pastry.

Other than that, it is a shame that the hotel isn’t more popular. There is so much potential there: four eateries but only one is open, an empty pool bar, a deserted sky lounge on the 16th floor… The staff was nicely attentive, but it was just so empty. Perfect for guests who want to wind down and rejuvenate, but it would have been nice if there were more options available to us. When we went to the sky lounge, the doors were locked 🙁 The staff offered to unlock it, but by then we were no longer in the mood.

However, USCI Hotel will continue to be on my top Kuching stays and I wouldn’t mind returning again! For the month of June, you can get RM173 for a room thanks to their Ramadhan Best Deal. If you’re not rushing to book a room, I don’t know what you are waiting for: call them at 082596612 or drop them a message on Facebook.


  1. very affordable price for such a good room to me.. no so easy to find good price for hotel like this in Kuching right? really like your dinner picture.. so nice!

  2. woww.. boleh tahan juga yea harga per night. hotel pun menarik dan selesa.. pemandangan cantik dan buat orang rasa tenang je ke tempat ini. boleh lah try book sini nanti

  3. wow i must say that indeed it’s very beautiful there! love the pool, the views and everything too including the place that you guys dine in, it’s so beautiful too! in addition, the price is affordable too per night! if they do more upgrade like you’ve pointed out here, i guess it’ll be the bomb

  4. Ive never heard about this hotel. Been to kuching for many times ady on work course. Next time should this hotel! Thanks for the review!

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