Lazygirl guide to looking effortlessly chic

Somewhere between a teenager who dressed up for the weekends and an undergrad struggling through uni, I mistook messy hair and too-big tops for effortless when it was just careless.

It is an easy mistake to make, and many girls have fallen into the hole of hoodies and day old hair stuffed into a cap, thinking they can play it off as street chic. But it never is. So today, I’m going to share with you my lazygirl guide to looking effortlessly chic.

1. If it’s not Insta-worthy, it’s not closet-worthy
First rule of every lazygirl is to not own anything that isn’t camera ready. This way, whatever you reach for will always have you lit.

If there is an outfit you’d never want posted on your Instagram, it belongs in a bin. Torn jeans that fit you like a glove but is stained with something you can’t bleach? Time for it to go. Dress that fits you all wrong but it’s great for buffets? No. Ratty old tshirt that is super comfy to sleep in? Maybe you can keep that. But only if you promise never to let the world know you own it. And if you’re the kind who likes #iwokeuplikethis selfies, bin it. Burn it. Get rid of it.

2. Invest in learning no-heat hairstyles 
Especially the ones that let out into beautiful curls. There’s one I especially love which you can go out with or sleep in and still look like a beach babe:

But of course, there’s always the simple twisted bun. The perks of having an updo is:

a. If you’re out in a bar, the cigarette smell won’t linger and make your hair oily and disgusting, forcing you to wash it.
b. It can hide the fact that you hair is disgusting and oily!
c. Your freshly washed hair will last for days and still look fab:

3. Say no to caps, wraps and other head wear
Not only will they flatten your hair, they will only make your scalp oily faster! And a lazygirl wants to put things off as much and for as long as they can – so why speed up the inevitable?

Unless you’re at the beach and you’re gonna get your hair wet anyway

Instead, have baking soda ready in your purse and on your dresser (or baby powder) because it will suck up the excess shine in your hair and give you some texture! Perfect for an impromptu night out after work or when you just CBF-ed to wash your hair because laziness.

4. Fake it if you don’t have it and don’t be shy about it!
What’s better than putting on makeup? Not putting on makeup and still looking like you did.

Lashes by Ann

Get eyelash extensions. Eyebrow tattoos (or one of those henna-dyes for those who are afraid of committing to one eyebrow shape forever). Lip tattoos (or a lip dye). The works.

It’s one step shy of going for plastic surgery but hey if you’ve got the money, the desire and the courage to, flaunt your plastic proudly, baby!

I would love to get my eyelids done but I guess I’ll wait till I’m older (if ever) and they start drooping. Let me know in the comments what you think about plastic surgery!

5. A bag and a pair of shoes for every occasion
And I do mean “a” as in singular. One. This is so you don’t even need to think what goes with that.

A gym bag and sport shoes. A dinner clutch to go with heels. A party bag and a pair of killer boots. A nice pair of sandals for your every day bag. And lastly, a weekender to go with something comfy, like flip flops or sneakers (depending on what kind of girl you are).

Extra tip? Keep the bags packs and ready to go!

Gym: Shampoo, a change of clothes, one makeup item you can’t live without (blush, mascara, eyeliner, etc – just pick one!)
Dinner: Your favorite lipstick/gloss/etc that goes with everything
Party: A credit card, an accessory that makes you feel badass (choker, earring, etc)
Weekender: Two change of clothes (one cute, one sporty), toiletries (toothbrush!!!), hair-ties
Luggage: Three basic tops, a pair of shorts, a dress, some underwear and toiletries including your mini skin care set plus a small towel

6. Always have on jewelry
No girl can be a lady without a piece of jewelry – it instantly amps up your class. A dainty pair of earrings is better than nothing and if you have a ring (or multiple!), all the better.

Jewelry makes everyone more interesting and put together. It talks about your character – hemp bracelets and tinkling silver anklets both tell a different story, as do jade bracelets or religious pendants. Find something that speaks for you and keep wearing until you outgrow it.

7. Skincare always trumps makeup
The lazygirl can be lazy about anything except skincare! Because if you’ve got fabulous skin, you don’t need the extra help.

But not everyone (eg. me) has naturally God-blessed skin. In that case, there are certain products that can help you along the way such as Goddess Skin.

It’s a cream that gives you a healthy glow while protecting you from the sun and giving your skin the nutrients and hydration it needs – it even discourages melanin to form so you won’t tan! It has the ultimate lazygirl stamp of approval because…

It doesn’t have to be removed, unlike other SPF products out there. You can slap it on, forget about it and it won’t clog up your pores. Included in its ingredients are bird’s nest, aloe vera, vitamin c & e in it so why would you even want to take it off anyway?! Unless you’ve been out the whole day, in which case, you should cleanse your face regardless.

If you’ve got a lazy girl hack to share, leave it in the comments!!

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