Weird Australian dishes that will turn your stomach

I’m not saying that Australian food is disgusting but it’s just so “wait, what?!” and “but, why?”

Spaghetti Toast

It is what it is! Spaghetti on toast. I suppose it’s sort of a pizza with noodles on top. I imagine some guy who didn’t have a clean spoon, toasting a piece of bread and using it to scoop the¬† spaghetti into his mouth and BOOM. Spaghetti Toast, because some guy was too lazy to wash a spoon.


This cereal was everywhere and an Australian friend told me it’s the best thing ever so I took his word for it. I was appalled at what passes as “delicious” in Australia. Weet-bix are basically wheat biscuits that you eat with milk and honey. It tastes exactly like cardboard, you know, how processed health food should taste like. It quickly turned to mash in milk and what’s more! You can’t eat it dry because it soaks up every particle of liquid in your mouth. Possibly the most revolting thing on this list.

Witchetty grubs

These worms look familiar to the sago worms that are a delicacy in Kuching and yes, I have tried it. Why do Witchetty grubs scare me? BECAUSE THEY ARE HUGE. They are the size of your palm, whereby sago worms don’t grow past your thumb.

Fairy Bread

While it’s not disgusting, it does make one wonder: why? Internet theorists say that a mom decided that she can’t be arsed to make pretty pastries for her kid’s birthday party and decided to slather white bread with butter and sprinkles.

Devon Mash Rolls

I don’t know what Devon is but I’ve accidentally bought and consumed one once. I thought it was some kind of salami but it’s more like a tube of luncheon meat with a more rubbery consistency. What I don’t understand is why anyone would roll it up with mash potato and serve it as a canap√©?

Vegemite Toast

Possibly the most popular disgusting dish that Australians love – Vegemite toast. It doesn’t make any sense because Vegemite is like Bovril or Marmite. Why would you eat it with bread? Put it in porridge, mate – but that’s probably the Chinese in me. Rice it, don’t bread it. I wouldn’t even blink if you drank it but why toast? WHY.

But here are a few dishes that will make you go “why didn’t I think of that?!”

Milo on Ice Cream

Chuck two tablespoons of milo on your vanilla ice cream and everything in the world is good again. It sounds like the ultimate comfort food.

Tim Tam Slam

You bite the edges off a Tim Tam and use it as a straw to drink your beverage – usually chocolate. Genius!!!

Which of these will you try out and what are the weirdest foods in your country?


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