Kimchi pancakes everyone is raving about – Common Ground

And by everyone, I mean everyone I’ve told.

The kimchi pancakes at Common Ground taste so indulgent, chock-filled with flavor and dripping with oil, it feels like a crime to taste so good!

I’m not even exaggerating. I wanted to order another portion all for myself and I would have… if we didn’t order two other dishes to share.

The gastronomical wonder of the kimchi pancakes made everything that came after pale by comparison and I would honestly say don’t waste your calories, especially not on their Kimchi Jjigae which was a colossal disappointment.

The kimchi in this was so underwhelming and the soup was a thick paste. It was not a good combination, especially since I like my jjigae clear, with a kick of spiciness.

I haven’t had much tteobokki that rivals what I had at Gami Chicken in Melbourne. There’s always something missing and Common Ground’s tteobokki lacked sweetness and spice that makes tteobokki so addictive. They got the consistency right, but I found the taste wanting…

Aside from the pancakes, I think I’ll stick to Haru Haru K Food, thanks.

Common Ground
Tuesday – Sunday, 12PM to 11PM

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